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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


November 10th - 13th, 2006 (Remembrance Day Weekend)

Pre-Trip Meeting

VOC Clubroom on Tuesday, November 7th, 2006 @ 7pm

Come if: you are carless, you are a driver with space in your car, you need directions on how to get there or you have questions/need to find a partner.

Sign Up

Note: For those who are going biking only, please add (B) beside your name.

    1. Kaja
    2. Duncan
    3. Champagne
    4. Fuller
    5. Pete Hudson
    6. Jowen Yeo
    7. Charlotte Caunt
    8. Natalie Stafl
    9. Micheal Blicker
    10. Laura Catton
    11. Bob Lai
    12. Fiona Campbell
    13. Christian Sampaleanu
    14. Alice Leppitt
    15. Mike Young
    16. Evan Morris
    17. Greta Raymant
    18. Matthew Breakey
    19. AJ Allan
    20. Sophie Silver
    1. Nick Chng
    2. Melissa Hollis
    3. Charissa Pinnell
    4. Seth Adams
    5. Lara Thompson
    6. Elizabeth Young
    7. Eric von Lieres
    8. Katharina Laeufer
    9. Greg Dennis
    10. Irena Kuca
    11. Stephen Lerch
    12. Meghan Trepanier
    13. Ignacio Rozada
    14. Michael Hägler
    15. ysaline rochat
    16. Aurore Ponvienne
    17. Laure Chastel
    18. Andrew Silversides
    19. Stephanie Schmitt
    20. Holger Fese
    1. Matt Frey
    2. Ian Garber
    3. Rebecca Kostamo
    4. Andrew McGechaen
    5. Joost Lucker
    6. Scott Webster
    7. Jeff Mottershead
    8. Iva Cheung
    9. Kristin Warkentin
    10. Victor Jitlin
    11. Julie Patrick
    12. Libby Sherwood
    13. Arlin


If you have space in your car, please post the spots. Passengers pay for gas. If you have a rope and/or rack, please indicate so that we can try and even out people with gear into cars with less gear (see below).

Note: Since it seems that we're going to have a cycling contingency, those who have a bike rack (or willing to lend one) please say so beside your car.

  • Seth Adams (4-5 spots) [rope,rack,tent,stove]{Friday afternoon - Tuesday night} (can take up to 2 bikes on roof) very willing to be a passenger, but my car is available if needed. Perhaps those willing to blow off Tuesday should ride with me.
  1. Seth
  2. Jowen (2 person tent, draws, rope)
  3. Julie Patrick
  4. Aurore Ponvienne (tent)
  5. Laure Chastel
  • Kaja's car (4 spaces) [2 ropes, draws & full trad rack] {friday afternoon-monday night}:
  1. Kaja
  2. Duncan
  3. Champagne (Oh yes, Duncan!)
  4. Fuller (rope, quickdraws)
  • Pete's Sweet Jacked up Truck aka SJUT (5 spaces) {Leaving Friday afternoon, back the following thursday but can drop people off at the train station in Portland for the AmTrack back to Vancouver on Tuesday night... The Greyhound bus runs from Portland to Vancouver BC leaving portland at 5pm and arriving in Vancouver at 2am . It costs 45USD}:
  1. Pete (2 ropes, full trad rack)
  2. Andrew McGechaen
  3. Tom Furst

  • Bob Lai (6 spots){Friday afternoon - Tues)
  1. Bob
  2. Laura
  3. Evan (rope, draws, tent, stove)
  4. Greta
  5. Holger Feser
  6. Ysaline Rochat
  • Fiona Campbell (Thursday afternoon - Monday evening)
  1. Fiona (Rope, draws, 1/2 Trad Rack)
  2. Mike Young (Rope, draws, 1/2 Trad Rack, Guide book, Chain Saw)
  3. Charissa Pinnell (Rope)
  • Lara Thompson (3 spots, not much room for gear!)[rope,small rack,tent,camp stove](Friday afternoon - Monday evening)
  1. Alice Leppitt
  2. Sophie Silver
  3. Melissa Hollis
  • Matthew Breakey (4 spots) [rope,rack]{Friday afternoon - Monday}
  1. Greg Dennis(2 person tent, stove, Brand New Draws!)
  2. Eric von Lieres (rope, quickdraws)
  3. Arlin Kalenchuk (rope, rack, and other fun stuff)
  4. James
  • Alex Khramov (4 spots){Friday 3:30 UBC - Mon night)
  1. Alex
  2. Christian Sampaleanu
  3. Liz Young
  4. Victor Jitlin
  • Stephen Lerch (3 spots, 1 rope, sport gear and one canopy [canopy is full of sleepers]) I can carry extra gear for people so call me.
  1. Me
  2. Meghan Trepanier
  3. Maria
  • James Painter (tentatively if he can find someone over 25 to drive / supervise)
  1. James
  2. Katharina Laeufer
  3. Ignacio Rozada (over 25/with driver's license)
  4. Rebecca Kostamo

  • Matt Frey (leaving on Friday at around 4pm, back some time on Monday, MY LAST SPOT IS UP FOR or call me if interested)
  1. Matt Frey
  2. Mike Blicker
  3. Ian Garber
  4. Libby Sherwood
  • Scott's Car (Fri aft - Mon night)
  1. Scott Webster
  2. Jeff Mottershead
  3. Iva Cheung
  4. Melissa Halpenny ([email protected])
  • Kristin's car (Fri. aft-Mon night)
  1. Joost Lucker (rope,2 harnesses,sport gear,rope gun, 2 p. tent)
  2. Ben Singleton-Polster (lead rope, top rope, sport climbing gear and nuts, 3 person tent, i would most prefer to leave sometime after 3 but can leave after 12 on fri, direction sheet that was handed out at the meeting)
  3. Irena Kuca
  4. Andrew Silversides

Carless People

  • People in need of a ride.
  1. Paige Morrow (have tent & all camping gear) -- hiking