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  • March 31st - April 1st, 2007

(probably will not be moved due to favourable, pessimistic weather and, optimistic weather)

We will meet on Saturday in the smoke bluff parking lot at 8:00 am

Pre Trip Meeting

There will be a pre trip meeting on Thursday March 29, 2007 for the trip. Meet at 5:00 pm in the club room. There will also be an opportunity to sign out gear at this time.

Sign up for Saturday instructors and students

Please indicate if you are an instructor and what you would be willing to teach, the climbing gear that you have, and if you can drive.

  • Instructors
  1. Ben Singleton-Polster (basic belay techniques, some leading and anchors if required)
  2. Matthew Baker (31st only) (belay techniques, sport leading, top roping, anchors)
  3. Will Whitty (escaping the belay, Rappeling including improvised and assisted)
  4. Kaja Sadowski (31st only: trad leading and lead belaying with half-ropes)
  5. Duncan McPhedran (see above)
  6. Cameron Nelin (Bolt Anchors and sport leading)
  7. Piotr Forysinski (well, whatever there's demand for... timed prusikking competition anyone? :-)))
  8. Jeff Mottershead (nut placements at crag X)
  • Students
  1. Sanaz Fotoohi (Rappel, anchors, lead belay,tips and tricks)
  2. Eva Wingren (review anchors, setting top rope, carabiner brake, rock 2.5)
  3. Marcin Mirski (trad leading, belay escaping+improvised rappelling)
  4. Line Christiansen
  5. Lærke Christiansen
  6. Mark Chui
  7. Ben Singleton-Polster (interested in learning some more advanced skills such as rescue and technical belaying)
  8. Oliver MacLean
  9. Bob Lai (basic anchors, setting top rope, rappel, rock 2.5)
  10. Irena Kuca
  11. Pawel Mirski
  12. Ashlee Jollymore
  13. Meghan Anderson
  14. Glen Kim
  15. Adam
  16. Matthew Baker (Also interested in learning tips and tricks from any trad-climbing gurus out there)
  17. Peter Eugster (possibly coming. Would only be able to go for Saturday)
  18. Christian Champagne
  19. Piotr Forysinski - fancy practicing body rappels and hip belays!
  20. Thomas Becker
  21. Natalie Stafl
  22. Andrew Pare (self rescue and hip/body belay, a anchor refresher would be good too)
  23. Geoff Dunbrack
  24. April Hall (escaping the belay, natural anchor refresher)

Sign up for Sunday

Sign up if you would like to stay in Squamish and climb on Sunday so that people other people can know who is staying and plan for the sweet party at the camp ground.

  1. Eva Wingren
  2. Marcin Mirski
  3. Mark Chui
  4. Pawel Mirski
  5. Irena Kuca
  6. Ashlee Jollymore
  7. Matthew Baker (April 29th)
  8. Piotr Forysinski
  9. April Hall
  10. Max Eichberger (looking for a ride)

Car Sign up

Drivers please indicate how many spots you have and where you will be leaving from and passengers you are responsible for contacting your driver.

  • Driver (number of spots, leaving from, other useful info)
  1. Passenger names and what you will be bringing
  • Eva Wingren (4 spots, leaving from Kits, only if it's the 31st/1st. have quickdraws & personal gear, someone else please bring a club rope as i cannot afford it)
  1. Mark (some quickdraws, locking biners)
  2. Piotr Forysinski (half ropes, trad rack with limited camming capacity)

  • Kaja Sadowski (5 spots, leaving from 15th and Cambie-ish, not staying overnight; half-ropes and full trad rack)
  1. Duncan McPhedran (Kaja's gear)
  2. Christian Champagne (Duncan's nuts)
  3. Natalie Stafl
  4. April (two ropes, full rack)
  • Bob Lai (5 spots, leaving from UBC area, not staying overnight, person gear, might borrow club rope)
  1. Geoff Dunbrack
  2. Ben Singleton-Polster (every piece of gear i own and also some of the clubs, hummus and pita)
  3. Will Whitty
  4. Meghan Anderson (single rope and some personal gear)
  • Marcin (staying until Sunday, leaving from Coquitlam, stopping at the Petcetera beside Rupert Station and at an as-yet-undecided location in North Van, rope + draws)
  1. Paweł (might be sick)
  2. June
  3. Matthew Baker (two ropes, anchor, draws, bannana loaf)

  • Andrew Pare (6 spots leaving from East Van to UBC to Squamish, returning Sat night, rope and sport rack)
  1. Ashlee Jollymore
  2. Sanaz Fotoohi
  3. Jowen Yeo (peanut butter sandwiches)

  • Jeff Mottershead (1 good spot, 2 crappy spots and a final intolerable spot-Saturday morning to late Sunday night-all the gear in the world)