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Son of Rock is being revisited this year and will be held on a weekend in mid April (before exams) or if the weather is bad then it will be held after exams in April. There will be many different stations set up in the vicinity of the smoke bluffs in Squamish. There will be a instructor at each station leading a skill. All ability levels are welcome and no climbing experience is necessary. The types of stations will be determined by who is willing to instruct.


  • April 19th - 20th, 2008


We will meet on Saturday in the smoke bluff parking lot at 8:00 am

Pre Trip Meeting

There will be a pre trip meeting on Wednesday, April 16th, 2008 @ 6:30 pm(NOTE THE DATE AND TIME HAVE CHANGED) in the clubroom.There may also be an opportunity to sign out gear at this time.

Sign up for Saturday instructors and students

Please indicate if you are an instructor and what you would be willing to teach, the climbing gear that you have, and if you can drive. PLEASE INDICATE YOUR EXPERIENCE LEVEL, AND WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO LEARN.

  • Instructors
  1. Duncan Mcphedran(jamming and crack climbing techniques(a hundred thousand tons of gear.))
  2. Christian Champagne (Intro to climbing, top rope stuff)
  3. Eric Escobar (Saturday: Top rope anchors/sport climbing, have rack, rope, draws, and I can drive)
  4. Mike B (can instruct trad on sunday)
  5. Tif- intro or lead sport.
  6. Will Whitty (instructing rescue - have all the gear, driving)
  7. Jade intro to climbing, top rope anchors, have all gear for top rope anchors, can instruct lead sport but dont have set of quick draws)
  8. Robin Avery, Can teach trad and some rescue technique. badass knots. i can only go up for 1 day, preferably Sunday. I am free either day, just need to study for finals. (No cams, but i have a set of hexes and stoppers, a ton of draws, 2 ropes, rescue pulleys...anyone want to rig a highline?)
  • Students

Sign up for Sunday

Sign up if you would like to stay in Squamish and climb on Sunday so that people other people can know who is staying and plan for the sweet party at the camp ground.

  1. Nathaniel Dolcort-Silver
  2. Miriam
  3. Ran Z
  4. April
  5. Paul Bates
  6. Anne V
  7. Alix MacKay
  8. Stephen Lerch
  9. Emma V-B
  10. Elena E
  11. Allison Boothe (would like to depending on rides)
  12. Colin Pither
  13. Itay W(Not camping)
  14. Lee (unless someone wants to go ski touring Sun/Mon?)

Sign up for Eric's top-anchor theory class, Thursday April 17 7pm, clubroom

This course is mainly for those who have already climbed indoor, and want to learn the basics of outdoor climbing.
This class will be a discussion on the theory of top anchors. We will be practicing knots, talking about multiple point anchors, material properties, etc.

  1. Conrad Koziol
  2. Toni M.
  3. Emma V-B
  4. Gordon W
  5. Lee
  6. Frances
  7. Itay W
  8. Felix H

This course is currently full. No more waiting list.

Mike's Trad Course (bring any gear you own/ your rack! also you should have some leading experience from sport)

  1. Eric
  2. Bob
  3. Jenny
  4. Tif
  5. jud
  6. Ran Z

Car Sign up

Drivers please indicate how many spots you have and where you will be leaving from and passengers you are responsible for contacting your driver.

  • Helen Fleisig (10th & Granville, 4 spots, coming back Saturday night)
  1. Colin Ferster
  2. Conrad Koziol
  3. Felix H
  4. Toni M

  • Bob Lai (SW Vancouver, 4 spots, coming back Sunday)
  1. Duncan McPhedran
  2. Christian Champagne
  3. Ran Z
  4. Lee Wasilenko

  • Will Whitty (UBC, 4 spots, coming back Saturday)
  1. Robin Avery
  2. Samantha Landa
  3. Emel Gulez
  4. Anne V (to go only)