Sphinx hut windows

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The windows' frames

Front windows (there's two)



Roland's comment: According to my notes, the plexiglas is 16.5 x 31. If we want to replace the Plexiglas, that is the maximum size for the glass unit. If we want to replace the wood surrounding the plexiglas as well, we get an extra 3/4 (or is it 1 1/2) width, and an extra 3/4 (or is it 1 1/2) height.

Rear ground level



Front and rear ground windows currently have two 3/4" thick strips on the inside of the frame, presumably holding the plexiglass in. Both the front windows' width could also be extended by up to 4", if desired. The ground level window at the back could also potentially be heightened, but I neglected to measure how far until the next structural member.

Roland's comment: Because the snow piles up and tends to block this rear window to some extent, it is worth while to raise the window as high as possible, until it hits the supports for the sleeping loft. Rather than making the window bigger, we can simply mess with the framing hole, moving it upwards.

Rear loft frame



The rear loft also opens, and has a single 1.25" spacer around the inside presumably as something for the window to stop against. There's also no room for expansion on this one, as the window frame runs up against the arched frame of the hut.

Prices for sealed units (glass)

  • 18"x32", 3mm glass, 1/2", 5/8" or 3/4" airspace - $38
  • 24"x24", 3mm glass, 1/2", 5/8" or 3/4" airspace - $38
  • 3mm glass is standard for residential windows
  • 4mm glass on outside pane - add 10%
  • tempered glass - add ?