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In addition to the telemark and AT fleet the club also has a few splitboards in its rental fleet.

About Splitboarding

Splitboarding is a fun sports that combines the advantages of alpine ski touring (easy walk up) with the advantage of having a snowboard for the ride down (which is way more fun). As the name says, on the uphill, the board is split in half lengthwise, creating two skis. These are then fitted with climbing skins and off you go. On the high point, you just put the two halfs together and you have a splitboard again. Splitboarding has one disadvantage compared to ski touring. In downhill (snowboard) mode you cannot move efficiently on flat terrain, and you have to take off the board.

The transition from board to skis: Take the big pin out. Slide the bindings off. Open the two hinges on the end. Slide the splitboard apart so you have two halfs. Put the bindings into the climbing hinges. Put the big pin in. Rotate the big pin into the binding, so you will stand on it.

The transition from ski mode to snowboard: Take the big pin out to take the bindings off. Slide the two sides together to get the full board. Close the two hinges on either end. Slide the bindings on from the back. Put the big pin in. Rotate the big pin into the binding.

The Splitboards

Our splitboards have traditional soft boot bindings.

The LibTech

The LibTech

This longer splitboard (162 cm) is a purpose-made splitboard (not converted). Its stance can be adjusted in a few minutes.

The Roxy

The Roxy

This shorter board (154 cm) has a Goofy stance which is fixed and cannot be changed. It is a converted splitboard. That means it was created by cutting a regular snowboard in half. Therefore it doesn't have steel edges on the outside. It is in the club's possession since 2017.

Good Old Grey Gal

The Old Grey Gal

This board has been in the club's possession the longest. It's long (164 cm) and has a fixed parallel stance. It is also converted and hence lacks the outside steel edges. As of April 2019 the walking hinges are bent and not properly attached.