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This is the planning page for a week long trip into the Tchaikazan Valley.

The idea is to drive up, hike in and set up a base camp near the glacier. Drive up August 25th or 26th (I'm leaving on the 26th) Return September 3rd (holiday Monday)

There are many many peaks to climb (most on one topo map) and the access to a base camp is quite easy. There are also some nice short horseshoe routes you can do over passes.

A couple pictures of the mountains (from last spring)

A copy of the topo can be found at (the valley is the main flat one running through the centre of the map)

A few more accessible mountains are at the top of

BCMC has held their mountaineering camp here in the past. Please try and ensure you have a climbing/glacier partner. There will likely be several hiking/rambling/scrambling trips but there are also some nice peaks with some basic glacier approaches (and lots of advanced stuff).


Indicate if you plan to do the traverse through the Yohetta valley or beeline it to the glacier. Also please say if you can leave on Friday evening.

  1. Tim Blair (undecided, can leave on Friday evening)
  2. Robin McKillop (traverse, can leave Friday evening)
  3. Ben Singleton-Polster (Traverse, can leave anytime Friday, have 3 person tent)