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Caitlin Schneider - Trip Organizer


January 14th, 2012 @ 9 am We're meeting at Mount Seymour at Guest Services (the upper parking lot).


Mt Seymour


Please Note: You must pay in advance. Time: Wednesday Jan 11th 12-2.

  • Free for instructors
  • $40 for Students

You will pay your driver for gas, or $6 for the shuttle bus if you don't have a ride. You may have to rent skis, boots, poles.


You will need functional telemark skis, ski poles, and ski boots. Gear is available to rent from the club room, or from Mountain Equipment Co-op.

  • Call MEC well in advance to reserve gear.

Dry School


Learning Material

See Tele School#Learning Material

Instructor Sign-up

We will try and maintain a student to instructor ratio of 4:1 (minimize cost to students while keeping small group sizes). Instructors will be selected as student numbers require in order of sign-up. Instructors: please indicate an appropriate skier ability for your group.

  1. Nick M [Intermediate or Beginner]
  2. Skyler D. (Alpine skier beginners or from a tropical island beginners)
  3. Line [prefer absolute beginners, but can also do alpine skier beginner]
  4. Matt P. can teach any kind of beginner, but prefers durable ones.
  5. Phil H. Any level (CANSI tele instructor)
  6. Erica L. (Beginner +)
  7. Steve (Muffin) -- [prefer teaching a combo intermediate/advanced group. Realistically, there are no mogals or powder on Seymour, and most 'advanced' skiiers should consider teaching OR be polishing their intermediate techniques] I'd like to teach the Sunday as well, but can't go to Baker...
  8. Veenstra [beginner/intermediate, especially people who want to tele really low with boots that are too big - that's my specialty]
  9. Len G. Not very good myself, but I suppose I can have a net usefulness greater than zero with complete beginners.

Students Sign-up

No Write.png Signup Closed
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened on 14-1-2012. Please do not sign up for it.

Beginner (Have never skied - or almost never)

(max size:16)

Instructor: Line

  1. Jisoo Kim
  2. Jenny Tan
  3. Dorathea Vom Bruch
  4. Juan Martin Frile

Instructor: Phil..

  1. Omid?
  2. fatemeh
  3. andrew

Beginner (Know how to do snowplow AND parallel turns on downhill skis, but never telemarked)

(max size:20)

Instructor: Christian Veenstra

  1. Phoebe Wong
  2. Eastwood
  3. Christian Hajen
  4. Shane Duan

Instructor: Matt P

  1. Faroe DesRoches
  2. Cora Skaien
  3. Jen William
  4. Jon Leighton

Intermediate (Know how to do a telemark turn, and can link them on low angle runs)

(max size: 16)

Instructor: Nick M

  1. Caitlin Schneider
  2. Michael Duncan
  3. Bethan McKevitt (can only link in good snow on very mellow slopes)

Advanced (You're comfortable on steeper ('black') runs, and want to work on condition specific techniques (moguls, powder, etc))

Extras (people who dont want to be part of the school, but would like the group ticket price)

  1. Philip Daoust
  2. Kathrin L.
  3. Phils brother


Please indicate here if you have a car, where you are leaving from and how many people you can transport.
Passengers, don't just sign up. Contact your driver and ask to be a passenger, discuss departure time and place. Drivers going to Seymour typically charge their passengers $5 (round trip), but that depends on the driver.

Driver's Name [Leaving from,# of passengers, phone number]

Veenstramobile [Dunbar, 4, 604 628 7495]

  1. Veenstra
  2. Line
  3. Caitlin
  4. Matt P
  5. Cora skaien

Tele-transporter [Richmond, 4, member page]

  1. Nick
  2. Mike Duncan
  3. Shane Duan
  4. Bethan
  5. Faroe

Snowmobile [Kits, 3-4, 604-734-7908, [email protected]]

  1. Phil Hammer
  2. Fatemeh
  3. Juan Martin
  4. Jisoo Kim
  5. Andrew

Carless People

  1. Dorothea
  2. Jenny Tan

Transit Options

Public Transit can take you to Parkgate Village and the Mt Seymour Shuttle Bus can get you to the top.

"The $6 fare from Parkgate Community Centre is charged in both directions. A book of 10 tickets is available from Guest Services for $50...."

"The cost for the shuttle between Lonsdale Quay and Mt Seymour is $8 per trip. A book of 10 tickets is available from Guest Services for $70."

AT School

This is for folks who want to "teach" or "learn" how to AT/Downhill ski. Please sign up below and post your experience level.

Note: Tele and alpine are really very similar - alpine is just easier (but less aesthetic!). The turn concepts are very much the same except for the stance. So joining in with an appropriate tele lesson group isn't a big negative...


  1. Dan E - intermediate skier. Somewhere between stem turns and parallel turns. No car.