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Date: October 9th - 11th, 2010

Castle Rock


Rock climbing trip to the nice and usually dry rock of north Washington state. This trip is not instructional (unless you find someone that would be willing to), and people should have some rock climbing experience, as well as access to the necessary gear. Ideally we'll organize everything through the web, so please put your name down if keen to come, and if you put your name on a car email the driver. Depending on the weather we can climb on Leavenworth or on Vantage, as they're about one hour away from each other.


See directions on VOCWiki Leavenworth page

Directions from Vancouver to Leavenworth

Vantage is just down the road from Leavenworth on the Colombia River ~1 hour or so

Camping, Food & Climbing

See Leavenworth and Vantage pages on the VOCWiki

What to bring

Bring American money and a passport. You will get hosed on the exchange rate if you try and use a debit card. Bring your climbing gear, camping gear (reasonably warm), and a guide book (at least a photo copy). Should talk around to share tents and stoves.

Sign Up

Please mention your availability and climbing gear you can bring.

  1. Ignacio
  2. Daniel Schweizer (only harness/belay/shoes)
  3. Cameron not gonna fall again Bathgate (tent, stove couple draws)
  4. Pascale
  5. Kit Lee (Rope + Anchor Gear)- Car & tent are already full
  6. Doug Curley (Rope + Draws + Anchor Gear)
  7. Anne (rope + anchor gear)
  8. Todd Mackenzie (rope + trad rack)
  9. Andrew Silversides (rope, trad gear)
  10. Stephen Lerch (3 ropes, trad gear)
  11. Jonathan Penfield (harness, atc, sling, beaners, mtn bike?, small tent)
  12. Ryan Goldsbury (basic anchor gear, I plan to mooch Todd's rope and rack)
  13. Sylvia (quick draws+anchors)
  14. ...


If you have space in your car, please post the spots. Passengers pay for gas. If you have a rope and/or rack, please indicate so that we can try and even out people with gear into cars with less gear.

Note: Passengers, contact your drivers a few days in advance to determine meeting locations/times. Contact info can be found on Member List. The onus is not on drivers to track down all their passengers.


  • Taqito (5) [Leaving Friday night, Kits area, returning Sunday night]
  1. Ignacio
  2. Pascale
  3. Anne
  4. Daniel (where are we meeting??!)
  5. Eva
  • Jonathan (5) [Leaving Friday night, Point Gray/UBC, returning Sunday night]If anyone needs a ride email or text 778-861-8301, otherwise I would plan to join another car.
  1. Jonathan

  • Ryan (4) [Leaving Friday afternoon (2pm), West Point Grey, returning Sunday night / Monday morning (depends on what the rest of the group does)]
  1. Todd
  2. Steve
  3. Cameron Bathgate?
  4. Ian

Carless People

  • For people whom don't have a ride.

Past Trips

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