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April 11th - 14th, 2008

Sign Up

Please list what gear you have and if you plan to return Sunday or Monday

  1. Jacob Cramm (lead sport gear, tent, stove) Sunday Night
  2. Sarah Long
  3. Liam Harrap (Rope, some leading gear, stove, and maybe a tent....)
  4. Pawel Mirski
  5. Miriam Gantert (nothing really, return Sunday)
  6. Colin Pither (rope, 2person tent return sunday)
  7. Conrad Koziol (tent, stove)
  8. Sophie Sithole
  9. Philipp Z (rope, draws, nuts, cams, 2p tent, stove and sunday)


  • Driver (how many passengers you can take, departure/return times)
  1. Passenger
  • Liam Harrap (4, leave friday late afternoon, and be back sunday early evening)
  1. Emma VB
  2. Champagne
  3. Philipp Z (no longer tentative, leaving around 6ish still fine?)
  4. Colin Pither
  • Jacob Cramm >>Leave Fri evening / return Sunday night
  1. Cat Orr
  2. Conrad Koziol
  3. Sarah Long