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It is a good idea for anyone traveling in the backcountry in big groups, little groups, a pair or solo to have wilderness first aid training. This is a great short course that packs a lot of learning into only two days. Don't confuse this with the red cross first aid, wilderness or regular, that teaches you to assess the safety of the situation and then call 911 and wait until EMS shows up. This course focuses of Patient Assessment, stabilization, and evacuation plans for remote areas.

This course will be instructed by Slipstream Wilderness First Aid [1]

All questions can be directed to Jacob Slosberg.


  • Date: April 17th - 18th, 2010
  • Time: 7:30 am - 5:30pm


UBC Campus classrooms, and simulated wilderness areas, aka the endowment lands.


$160 CAD includes:

  • 2 Days of Instruction (in class lecture and scenario practicum)
  • All Course Material
  • All Necessary Instructional Equipment

Please note that this course is significantly cheaper than any other course being run because of our ability to minimize overhead as a service to club members. This course typically runs $170-250 US. Additionally, Slipstream has a sliding tuition cost based upon the class size, ie the larger the class the cheaper the tuition. So if this class grows to be larger than the minimum of 10 people then every student with get a refund. If there is a refund it will be giving on the day of the course.

All other costs including but not limited to food and travel expenses will be your own responsibility. This course has a minimum of 10 students. There is a maximum of 20 students. The more students the cheaper the course will be. So bring your friends

No full course refunds after you have paid. If the course is cancelled due to under-enrollment you will receive a full refund (if you can't go, you will have to sell your spot to someone else)

Note: You must be a paid member of the VOC to enroll in this course. If you are not a member yet, know that you can come into the clubroom and join the club and enroll in the course at the same time. Membership dues are $35 for UBC students and $52.50 for all others. See here for full details and benefits.

Interested participants

Signing up here does not guarantee you a spot. YOU MUST PAY at the club room and sign up. $160 for VOC members. Any exec can sign you up in the club room. The best times to go are gear hours or between 12pm and 1pm. Sign up closes March 17th, so come in pay ASAP!

Confirmed and Paid for April 17th -18th

  1. Katie Gibson
  2. Ben Singleton-Polster
  3. Mike Leishman
  4. Colin Vincent
  5. Piotr Forysinski
  6. Anne Vialettes
  7. Lisa Pittl
  8. Luisa Muenter
  9. Phil Tomlison
  10. Emily Payne
  11. Robin Avery
  12. Chris Barrington-Leigh
  13. Louise Blight

Event is FULL


(copied from the wiki page from Dec 5-6)

  1. Zach Wade
  2. Lucy Squibb
  3. Tobi Volkmann
  4. Duncan McPhedran
  5. Kaja Sadowski
  6. Luke Kysow
  7. Etienne H
  8. Alireza Sharif
  9. Frances Sharpe
  10. Emily Ackroyd
  11. Anthony Melnick
  12. Rebecca Beaton
  13. shauna clarke
  14. Sara Parke
  15. Philip Ketterer