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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


Main article: Winter Longhike

Everything is different when you go into the backcountry in the winter; that's why there is Winter Longhike, an introductory trip for winter camping. This is usually a big trip with lots of keen people aboard who want to get out, learn some new skills, and sleep in their very own snow shelter while still managing to have fun too. It's an easy, beginner friendly trip, so if you've never even seen snow before you can still have a good time. Other fun activities that often happen at Winter Longhike are a cooking competition, sing alongs, costume competitions, and the occasional great ski run on Sunday.

Past destinations have included:

  • Red Heather Meadows in Garibaldi Park
  • Fat Dog Creek in Manning Park
  • Falls Lake (Coquihalla)
  • Mt. Seymour


January 10th - 11th, 2009

What you need to know

There is a $5 per person per night fee that must be paid at the parking lot Before heading up the trail. You will get a receipt to put on your dashboard, and one to take with you to present at the request of a park ranger. Please pay this as it helps with park maintenance.

There is an outhouse at Red Heather, so please use it.

Garibaldi is holding an 'Avalanche Awareness' event this weekend, so if you are bored on Sunday you can check out their beacon searches and snow pits etc. Apparently there are prizes too.

Make sure there are a few shovels within your caving group.

Pre-trip Meeting

There will also be a mandatory dry school on Tuesday, January 6th @ 6pm in Buchanan A106 to arrange rides, food, driving instructions, and go over some snowcave theory.


Buchanan A 106




Red Heather, Diamondhead Area of Garibaldi Provincial Park.

Meet in the parking lot - make sure you look for Madeleine so she can verify you arrived! This helps us keep track of numbers - which is difficult with such a large group of varying skill levels. Please make it easy for us. Remember that everyone should pay a user fee of $5 to Garibaldi Park - there is a box with envelopes for this in the parking lot. BC Parks uses this money to plow the access road and maintain the facilities within the park.

We will hike up the logging road to the wanded (large orange poles) winter route. We'll take this winter route just past the Red Heather warming hut and outhouse, where we'll split away from the beaten track and head in to camp. It's not terribly far, about 5km and 400m elevation gain, but it is far enough to regret bringing a lot of useless stuff (try sticking to the recommended stuff in the equipment list).

Driving Directions

Take Highway 99 North from Vancouver to Squamish, at the second major intersection in Squamish there is an enormous Canadian Tire, where you turn right (there should also be some signs indicating that's the Garibaldi/Diamond Head area). Continue along the more major street, going first through a neighbourhood then onto an old logging road. Out of nowhere a freshly built University campus will appear (weird), then it will resume being a gravel road. Follow the signs for Diamond Head / Red Heather / Garibaldi Park when they appear.

Note that the road gets progressively steeper as you progress. Winter tires and chains are recommended. If you're going to do stuff in the outdoors and own a car you might as well invest in some chains now (they are useful for mud in the summer too!). They are cheaper than calling a tow truck, even once, and certainly more convenient. The kind that don't require moving your car to install are well worth it.

When you are near the top there are two parking lots, with a downhill in between. If you don't have 4wd and/or chains you should choose the lower parking lot as it means you only have to be able to drive down to escape on Sunday (driving down is a lot easier than driving up, and who knows how different the conditions might be on Sunday). It is only a short walk from the lower parking lot to the upper lot.

If it gets too steep for your vehicle to continue, remember not to leave it blocking the road.

Google Maps - a picture is worth a thousand words!


Please have picked up all your passengers and be travelling North over the Lions Gate bridge at 7:15am. If you want to stop at Timmies in Squamish etc. please leave appropriately earlier. (Also keep in mind that you might want to dig your car out the night before, since Vancouver insists they don't need to plow anything).

Return time on Sunday is negotiable with your driver.

Equipment List

Main article: Winter Longhike


In winter especially, none of your clothing should be made out of cotton. Anything synthetic is safe. Just remember, Cotton Kills.

  • sleeping pad, or two, if you have them.
  • sleeping bag (rated for winter, or 3 season if you sleep warm)
  • garbage bags (2-3)
  • warm jacket (fleece or down)
  • warm pants (fleece or thick long underwear)
  • long underwear
  • layers (fleece or wool sweaters)
  • toque, mitts (2 pairs, or a set of waterproof shells)
  • goggles and avalanche beacon if skiing Sunday
  • warm socks (2 pairs, wool/wool mix)
  • waterproof jacket (goretex or coated nylon)
  • waterproof pants (goretex or coated nylon)
  • gaiters
  • cup, bowl, spoon, knife
  • good waterproof boots (wax them before the trip) or ski boots
  • skis and skins if skiing, or snowshoes, or just boots if you can't get skis or snowshoes
  • poles
  • toothbrush etc.
  • sunscreen and sunglasses (we can hope, right?)
  • water bottle (1L)
  • lunch, snacks, breakfast, dinner contribution (in winter you will need 2500-3500 calories per day, fat-rich stuff keeps you warm)
  • headlamp
  • gas money for your driver
  • camera if you want

If you want to go skiing on Sunday before heading out to the cars, make sure to bring

  • avalanche transceiver
  • shovel
  • probe (optional but recommended)
  • you don't need avalanche gear to ski down the road to the car, but you might want to do practice rescues.

Small Group

3-4 people per group, organized at trip meeting along with car groups

  • shovels (1-2)
  • probe
  • stove + fuel + lighter (you'd be surprised how often one of these stays home). If using white gas, for each person bring 150 mL.
  • pots

Big Group


  • first aid kits (2)
  • song books (4)
  • snow saw
  • maps, compass, etc

Sign Up

No Write.png Signup Closed
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened on 10-1-2009. Please do not sign up for it.

Put your name down as well as if you have any experience winter camping or building snowcaves.

  1. Champagne
  2. Emma VB
  3. Ran Z
  4. Justin Hall
  5. Lewis Kitchen (Is really warm)
  6. Christian S. (built a couple with varying degrees of success)
  7. Eliza Boyce
  8. Artem Bylinskii
  9. Will Whitty (lots and lots of winter camping, some snow cave and quinzhee building)
  10. Colin Pither (only winter camping experiences have been in quinzhees)
  11. Tony Higginson
  12. Meg Anderson
  13. Lisa Erdal
  14. Diana Dragomir
  15. Rozzy
  16. Chantelle Chan
  17. Ralph Bragg (Emma VB's Brother!:))
  18. Nichole Holdbak
  19. Eleanor Humphrey
  20. Laura Morrison (winter camping exp., was on this last year)
  21. Afton Halloran
  22. Sophia Toft Moulton
  23. Jeremy Sklad
  24. Matthew Carroll (have built and slept in various snow shelters, sometimes large, dry, and intentional, sometimes small, wet, and unplanned)
  25. Elissa Smith
  26. Silja Hund
  27. Jill Kennedy (went winter camping/snowshoeing once, has never built a snowcave before)
  28. Meghan S. Anderson <--(Evil twin of # 19)(No, there are TWO Meghan Andersons in the club now)
  29. Sverre Frisch
  30. Andrew McGechaen
  31. Tif shen
  32. Sarah Long
  33. Eddie Rothschild (loves winter camping and wants to try helping make a big snow cave this time)
  34. Kai Chaplin
  35. Veenstra, Christian
  36. Veenstra, Line
  37. Kristina Lidstone
  38. Rebecca Seifert
  39. Mike Blicker
  40. Phil Tomlinson
  41. Matthew Baker
  42. Kaan Ersahin (exp. in winter camping, have built a snowcave before, has a four-season tent)
  43. Roland Burton (unless I can find a really tough crew of diggers, I'm tenting)
  44. Jannu Casanova (winter camped only once)
  45. Eric Deal
  46. Sam Trounce
  47. Anne Vialettes
  48. Piotr Forysinski
  49. Ed Estabrook
  50. Ryan Vandecasteyen
  51. Ryan Stelzer
  52. Alasdair Burns
  53. Paolo Baldracchi


Cars should be travelling over the Lions Gate Bridge by 7:15am Remember to contact your driver to sort out pick up time, place ect.

  • If any drivers are going up that did not attend the pre-trip meeting, please post your carload here so that we can have a checklist of who all is coming*** Also email Madeleine [email protected] with the names of you and your passengers.
  • Driver's Name [email, location leaving from, # of passengers]
  • Roland Burton
  1. Jill Kennedy
  2. Phil Tomlinson
  3. Kevin Cooper
  4. Christian S.

  • Justin Hall [778 928 6627, leaving from UBC]
  1. Kai
  2. Sarah
  3. Ellie
  4. ?

  • Mike Blicker [, from Kits, 778 866 8552]
  1. Sverre
  2. Diana
  3. Francis

  • Colin F. [, from Kerrisdale]
  1. Ryan Stelzer
  2. Lewis K
  3. Silja
  4. Breanne

  • Ryan [Surrey]
  1. Colin
  2. Sarah S.

  • Andrew McGechaen [, from UBC]
  1. Meghan Anderson
  2. Afton Halleran
  3. Meghan Anderson 2

  • The Veenstra mobile [, Kits, 4 passengers]
  1. Christian
  2. Line
  3. Steve
  4. Madeleine
  5. Jannu

  • Eliza Boyce [, East Van, 4 more passengers if everyone packs light]
  1. Eliza
  2. Sam
  3. Eddie
  4. Emily

  • Matthew Carroll (email, Kits, 6 passengers, 604 812 9369)
  1. Matthew
  2. Elissa
  3. Artem B
  4. Laura M
  5. Chantelle C.
  6. Daniel
  7. Kaan

  • Colin Vincent [Kits, +4 passengers]
  1. Emma VB
  2. Ralph Bragg
  3. Ran Z
  4. Champagne

  • Tony Higginson [UBC 4 passengers]
  1. Alistair
  2. Sophia
  3. Rozzy
  4. Jeremy
  5. Paolo

  • Ed Estabrook
  1. Anne Vialettes
  2. Piotr Forysinski
  3. Philipp Zielke
  4. Jason Bedard