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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


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Dust off your party hats! It's time for another VOC shindig. This will be a dry (collective awww) event, but full of delicious food... that you will bring! That's right folks, this is a potluck, so please bring something edible to share. And don't forget to bring your own mug, plate and cutlery. For the main event, we have a double-feature! Chris Michalak and Krystil Koethler will be giving us a scintillating slideshow account of their bicycle journey through Mongolia this summer, followed by Robin Avery who will be spinning some yarns and showing us some cool slides of his adventures in slacking. Plus, DJ Oker will once again be on hand with some great tunes. There are two dress-code options: semi-formal or ugly-sweater. Take your pick! Should you unwisely decide to come dressed as your normal self, you may be subject to the discretion of our bouncer, who incidently can be plied with tasty food.

Date & Time

Wednesday, December 2th, 2009, 6:00pm-12:00am


Meekson Arts Student Space (MASS), Buchanan D140

What to Bring

Appetizer, main course, or dessert to share with your fellow VOC'ers. Your own mug/plate/cutlery.

What to Wear

Dress code is semi-formal OR ugly-sweater

What Not to Miss

Slideshow on cycle touring through Mongolia, presented by our very own Chris Michalak and Krystil Koethler
Slideshow on his adventures in slacking, presented by our very own Robin Avery

Potluck Sign-up


  1. Jul and Lisa (Speckknödel) !bring a bowl!
  2. Megan (surprise!)
  3. Maki (some kind of egg dish)
  4. Scott & Sandra - Beet and Barley Salad (could also be a main or side dish)
  5. Ignacio & Pascale (tricolori pepperino, aka ultra yummy cheese and pepper dish)
  6. Martin (fruited cheese spirals)
  7. Gili R Homemade specialty bread (two loaves)
  8. Anne+Piotr salad+bread
  9. Raelene - guac


  1. Noriko (roast veggie and beef w/garlic sauce)
  2. Frances (Bean or pasta salad of some sort)
  3. Nick C (Curry of some sort. Hot.)
  4. Jacob (SQUASH)
  5. Bruno (chap chae, Korean veggie noodle dish, a bit garlicky/spicy)
  6. Chris+til (roasted potatoes)
  7. The Veenstras (beet balls)
  8. Evan M (attempting a new Chili recipe)
  9. Philip K (Chili as well)
  10. Ran Z (Vindal00 Drumettes w/ naan)
  11. Bob


  1. Phil (cheesecake)
  2. Champagne (apple crisp)
  3. Breanne Banana Bread
  4. Paul (brownies)
  5. Roland Cinnamon Buns if I get time to make them
  6. Roslyn
  7. Katie G (buying a dessert because I live in Totem park. Very sorry. Didn't want to come with nothing)
  8. Maya G Probably cake
  9. Mary (ginger lime cheesecake)
  10. Muffin: Eclair-esque croissants


  1. Doris ('nog!)
  2. Sam (more 'nog... no such thing as too much 'nog)
  3. Jitka (Northwest Passage)
  4. Oana (lemonade and sparkling juice)
  5. Scott W will likely bring some drinks
  6. Craig (Cranberry ginger ale? Supposedly this is a festive beverage)