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Tantalus Traverse, May 27-28

Matt & Ziff’s awesome TR, pictures and video are here After the obligatory midnight map scanning, And advice, and route planning, A 3:30 Squamish waking, With climbing muscles aching, It was time for skis to ski, And pointy mountains to see. … Continue reading

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How-To: Storm The Wall, March 29

The preamble: Storm the Wall is this annual race where you normally make a team, and each person on your team does a part like the swimming, sprinting, biking, longer distance running and you all help each other get over the … Continue reading

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Meager Obelisk, July 22-24

How it started: “Weekend plans?” – Nick Some email faff, obsessive weather monitoring and a trip change later we were in downtown picking up Ben from work.  I was really excited. My memories of Harrison thus far only included rain, … Continue reading

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Phelix, March 11-12

Preamble: Normally, I don’t write trip reports aside from an occasional drawing in a sketchbook; But maybe that’s a bad thing and maybe it’s feeding into the beginner friendly crisis. So here is one. Sometimes I get restless, usually when … Continue reading

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