Members can insert new events into the calendar and signup for trips, but please read the instructions before posting.
VOC trips are organized by members like yourself, not professional guides. The trips go into wilderness areas where assistance is unavailable and unexpected events can occur. You could be seriously injured or die. You are responsible for your own actions. Please use caution.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events listed below by month, tentative trips are marked in grey, cancelled in strikethrough.


5th, Thu. - 30th, Mon.Get Your Cypress Mountain Discounted Season's PassDetails & Signup
14th, Sat. - 15th, Sun.Howe Sound Kayak CampDetails & Signup
17th, Tue. - 18th, Wed.[workhike] Clubs Days BoothingDetails
18th, WednesdayBoots and Beer (Workhike)Details & Signup
19th, ThursdayVOC Info NightDetails
21st, Sat. - 22nd, Sun.[workhike**] Cutting Rounds at Beeker's CabinDetails & Signup
21st, Sat. - 22nd, Sun.Indian Arm Kayaking TripDetails & Signup
21st, Sat. - 22nd, Sun.Pierce Lakes and Mount MacFarlaneDetails & Signup
21st, Sat. - 22nd, Sun.Self-Propelled(ish) Bike Tour to Mt. ElphinstoneDetails & Signup
21st, Sat. - 22nd, Sun.Iron Chef of Brew Hut, Round 3! (beginner friendly)Details & Signup, Message Board
26th, ThursdaySlideshow: Pangea, Coastal Granite, and the Age of DiscoveryDetails
28th, Sat. - 29th, Sun.Rock Party 2019!!!! (updated Sept. 10)Details & Signup, Message Board


5th, Sat. - 6th, Sun.Larches on Mount Frosty (beginner friendly)Details & Signup
5th, SaturdaySelf Propelled to the Temple of Time [beginner friendly]Details & Signup
12th, Sat. - 14th, Mon.Mountain Camp 2019Details & Signup
12th, Sat. - 14th, Mon.Felix Thanksgiving Scrambles (Beginner Friendly)Details & Signup
14th, MondayCdn ThanksgivingDetails
19th, Sat. - 20th, Sun.Werewolves in the Backcountry (Halloween-y and beginner friendly!!)Details & Signup
23rd, WednesdaySlide Show: Destruction and Life in a Harsh EnvironnmentDetails & Signup
26th, Sat. - 27th, Sun.Cousin of Cave Details & Signup
26th, Sat. - 27th, Sun.Nodoubt Peak - Intro to Advanced BushwhackingDetails & Signup


8th, FridayAvalanche Awareness Night Details
11th, MondayRemembrance DayDetails
16th, Sat. - 17th, Sun.The Annual Brew DebacleDetails & Signup, Message Board

You can also see a list of past events from the new system here.