Members can insert new events into the calendar and signup for trips, but please read the instructions before posting.
VOC trips are organized by members like yourself, not professional guides. The trips go into wilderness areas where assistance is unavailable and unexpected events can occur. You could be seriously injured or die. You are responsible for your own actions. Please use caution.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events listed below by month, tentative trips are marked in grey, cancelled in strikethrough.


1st, Sat. - 1st, Fri.Neil Mackenzie Adventure Grant 2019 - APPLY NOW until FEB 1, 2019 @ 10pmDetails, Message Board, Wiki Page


7th, Sun. - 30th, Sun.VOC Hive Discount Nights Term 1Details & Signup


27th, Tue. - 18th, Tue.The Mountain Ready Workout [every Tuesday 6pm]Details, Message Board


9th, Sun. - 10th, Mon.Carving and Cramming in Caspar CreekDetails & Signup
11th, TuesdayFjallraven Clubs Night Discount NightDetails & Signup
11th, Tue. - 16th, Sun.AST 1 Plus–Block ADetails, Message Board, External Link
15th, Sat. - 16th, Sun.Intro to Tobogganing [beginner-friendly]Details & Signup, Message Board
24th, Mon. - 26th, Wed.Christmas in a cosy hutDetails & Signup
27th, Thu. - 2nd, Wed.Phelix New YearsDetails & Signup, Wiki Page


8th, Tue. - 13th, Sun.AST 1 Plus–Block BDetails, Message Board, External Link
10th, ThursdaySlideshow: Type 1 Fun and Making it Back in Time for Last Call: You CAN Have it All! (2018 Neil Mackenzie Grant winners)Details & Signup, Message Board, Wiki Page
12th, SaturdayTele School 2019! Details & Signup
12th, Sat. - 13th, Sun.Chill Weekend at BrewDetails & Signup
17th, ThursdayJared Stanley Memorial Lecture Details
18th, Fri. - 20th, Sun.Steep Lines at Steep CreekDetails & Signup
19th, Sat. - 20th, Sun.Intro to Backcountry SkiingDetails & Signup, Wiki Page


2nd, Sat. - 3rd, Sun.Winter Longhike 2019 - Snow Caves!Details & Signup, Message Board, Wiki Page
19th, Tue. - 24th, Sun.AST 1 Plus–Block CDetails, Message Board, External Link


5th, Tue. - 10th, Sun.AST 1 Plus–Block DDetails, Message Board, External Link
16th, Sat. - 24th, Sun.AST 2Details, Message Board, External Link

You can also see a list of past events from the new system here.