Members can insert new events into the calendar and signup for trips, but please read the instructions before posting.
VOC trips are organized by members like yourself, not professional guides. The trips go into wilderness areas where assistance is unavailable and unexpected events can occur. You could be seriously injured or die. You are responsible for your own actions. Please use caution.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events listed below by month, tentative trips are marked in grey, cancelled in strikethrough.


29th, Fri. - 29th, Sat.Partner Search BoardDetails


1st, Wed. - 31st, Tue.Gear Sharing ThreadDetails, Message Board


1st, Sun. - 31st, Tue.Brother of Bigwall - AdvancedDetails & Signup, Message Board
20th, Fri. - 23rd, Mon.Li'l Lukie's Newcastle Island Marine Provincial Park May Long Weekend Social CampoutDetails & Signup
20th, Fri. - 24th, Tue.May Long Climbing at Vantage (Frenchman Coulee) in Washington! [Intermediate-friendly]Details & Signup
20th, Fri. - 23rd, Mon.Harrison Hut Spring WorkhikeDetails & Signup
24th, Tue. - 27th, Tue.VOC Group Ride - 6:30pm every Tuesday (Beginner Friendly) Details & Signup
24th, TuesdaySeymour Valley Weeknightnight Ride (beginner friendly)Details & Signup
25th, Wed. - 30th, Mon.Bowron Lakes Canoe CircuitDetails & Signup
25th, Wednesday[Social BBQ] May VOC bbq/potluckDetails & Signup
27th, Fri. - 29th, Sun.Phelix Hut Spring SkiingDetails & Signup
28th, Sat. - 4th, Sat.Hiking Golden HindeDetails & Signup, Message Board, Wiki Page, External Link
28th, Sat. - 29th, Sun.Mount Baker via the Coleman-Deming RouteDetails & Signup


3rd, Fri. - 5th, Sun.Steps to Multipitch [Instructional Trip]Details & Signup
5th, SundayRemote/Wilderness First Aid dates tbdDetails & Signup, Message Board
7th, TuesdayPints and Pulleys in the ParkDetails & Signup
9th, ThursdayIntro to Camping [beginner-oriented]Details & Signup
10th, Fri. - 12th, Sun.Washington Pass Weekend (Rock climbing, Intermediate/Advanced)Details & Signup
11th, Sat. - 12th, Sun.Anniversary hike up Mt Price + beginner friendly climbingDetails & Signup, Message Board
11th, Sat. - 14th, Tue.Tofino Surfing Trip 🌊 + beach potluck 🏖 (beginner & 🐶 friendly). Details & Signup
16th, Thu. - 19th, Sun.Smith Rock ClimbingDetails & Signup
18th, Sat. - 19th, Sun.Heather Trail - Manning ParkDetails & Signup
24th, Fri. - 26th, Sun.Alpine SkillsDetails & Signup
25th, Sat. - 3rd, Sun.West Coast Trail (7 days backpacking)Details & Signup
27th, Mon. - 30th, Thu.Desolation Sound Kayaking + Tin Hat MountainDetails & Signup
30th, Thu. - 3rd, Sun.Phucking Long Phelix Traverse!Details & Signup


29th, Fri. - 2nd, Tue.Sick Sends in Eldred Valley Details & Signup
29th, Fri. - 1st, Mon.Tzoonie MountainDetails & Signup


7th, Sun. - 27th, Sat.Journey to the Land of the Midnight SunDetails & Signup

You can also see a list of past events from the new system here.