The Varsity Outdoor Club Membership Application

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(The purpose of our knowing your address is so we can pick you up at 5am to take you on a trip, so don't give us your New York address :). Leave it blank (use the extras field) if you are couchsurfing.)

The Email / Phone / Pick-up Location will be searchable to other VOCers in the Member Directory. This is to facilitate trip organization and in case of emergencies. You may edit this information at any time.

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For UBC student members: Do you want a free membership in the Alpine Club of Canada, if it is offered this year to VOC members? Yes No

Is this the location you will be picked-up from for trips?

Please confirm that the marker on the map below correctly indicates your pick-up location. We use this information on the trip agenda tool, so that the drivers know where to pick you up from before a trip.

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