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[workhike] To Lizzie, to work · Sat. May. 28th - Sun. May. 29th

Warning: This is an old trip - it already happened

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Organized by: Lea Zhecheva.

Start: Saturday, May. 28th, 5:00 am
End: Sunday, May. 29th, 11:30 pm
Pre-trip meeting: Wednesday, May. 25th, 7:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting location: Clubroom


Lizzie Lake, and the surrounding area is an awesome alpine heaven east of Lillooet Lake, near Pemberton. It's a great place for winter touring, and summer hiking (it's part of the Stein Valley traverse). Once upon a time it used to be easily accessible, but a slide washed out the Lizzie FSR right near the start, and since then getting to the area has involved an ongoing battle to keep alder and assorted other species from overgrowing the road, bypassing the washout and upkeeping the aging Lizzie Creek Cabin.

Rich So has done the area much more justice here than I just did, and I recommend reading it for an idea of exactly what kind of bushwhacking this trip will involve. 

If you've ever spent hours shielding your face as you charge and weave through a sea of second growth (or if you haven't, and can imagine the horror), this is an excellent opportunity to give back to the club, and work on making getting to Lizzie *not* involve that. On that note, this trip will involve at least 8-10km of hiking with tools, at least 1000m elevation gain per day and hard work along the way. Where we'll camp (read: how much we'll carry each day) is to be decided. Probably a desert potluck and ukulele playing will be involved to make up for all the alder unpleasantries even though brush cutting really is quite therapeutic.

This is beginner friendly in the VOC sense; in that you're welcome to come help out even if you're not very experienced at overnight hiking, or trail work. Loppers/shears/the death machine are fairly self explanatory, and you will be armed with them. Instructions, if required, will not be more complex than "cut this".


Disclaimer: There is no cell service, and the trailhead is 45 minutes from the nearest clinic. There's all sorts of things that can kill you if you decide to come. Sharp rocks and steep sidehilling (which have been known to almost take hands off), the death machine, other people armed with loppers/shears or the death machine, creek crossings, and the list goes on. 

Isabel, Phelix,2015

Isabel killing slide alder, Phelix, May 2015


Anne admiring annoying log, Phelix, 2014


Roland added these pictures in hopes that it will make more cars show up, or to make it more exciting, I don't know.

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