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The Phelix Phenomenon - Intermediate Powder Slaying and #Hutlife · Fri. Nov. 11th - Sun. Nov. 13th

Warning: This is an old trip - it already happened

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Organized by: Nathan Starzynski.

Start: Friday, Nov. 11th, 6:00 am
End: Sunday, Nov. 13th, 11:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting: Wednesday, Nov. 9th, 7:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting location: Clubroom


Winter is on! And that means it's time to slay all the powders.

This trip will run over the Remembrance Day long weekend, so we will be spending from Friday until Sunday in the mountains. If there are drivers/groups that want to stay for longer or shorter however, that is also ok. 

Here's what the current ski conditions are like at the hut (photo from instagram user @jessagilbert):

^^^ Current ski conditions - hut is beside the lake at the top right (photo from instagram user @jessagilbert)

^^^ That's the Brian Waddington Hut, which most people simply refer to as 'Phelix'. Much pretty. Very stars. Wow!

It is located North of Pemberton in the Tolkein Range. "Say what?! Like the dude who wrote that one story about a Lord and some rings?" YEAH THAT'S RIGHT! The mountains surrounding the hut include Peregrine, Frodo, Aragorn, Gandalf, and Shadowfax. Yeah. 

The hut can sleep "25" (30) upstairs, but something tells me that there have been more than that at points. Another group of 4 has already signed up to use the hut over the weekend, but I'm sure they will be fine with our boisterous presence. I will be sending them an email with ample warning.

^^^End of 4wd road. (Not as much low elevation snow yet)

As of last weekend, 4wd HC vehicles can drive up the logging road to the trailhead. All 2wd vehicles and hesitant drivers will have to start hiking from the beginning of the logging road. The logging road is 6km, and the actual trail is another 4-5km. Total elevation gain is 1000m over both the trail and road. Full trail waypoints are on the hut page.

PLEASE NOTE: The hike in will be a full day, and the hike out will be another full day. The trail through the forest is quite challenging to descend, and it will probably involve carrying skis downhill as well for most people. This will be communicated in more detail at the pre-trip once there is a better idea of the snow conditions.

Skis will most likely have to be carried on backpacks up to the lake, where presuming summer doesn't return with a vengeance, there should be enough snow to skin and ski. Note that this trip isn't limited only to skiers. Snowshoers and splitboarders are welcome as well. Snowshoers will have to stay within the realms of the lower and upper lakes to avoid avalanche slopes. There is plenty of fun to be had around the hut. 

IF YOU PLAN ON SKIING, you will need to have and be experienced with Avalanche Safety Training. If you do not have AST1 or the equivalent, you will need to be extremely confident with your use of a beacon, shovel and probe, as well as all the ins and outs of avalanche resuce. Rumour has it that there is at least one beacon training session on November 1st. I or someone else may take it upon themselves to teach another class before the trip, and if you attend and pay attention that should be sufficient, assuming you learn the basics, and there are enough experienced members in each ski group. We can (and should) run some beacon practice drills at the hut. Regardless of experience; beacon, shovel, and probe are mandatory for all skiers. 

Snowshoers will be ok without avalanche gear as long as they stay within the safe terrain around the hut.

Pretty video by some talented dude:

Some things to note:

  • The hut has no heater, therefore it must be warmed up by body heat. The more people, the warmer. Simple thermodynamics.
  • We will not all be skiing as one big group. Smaller groups will split off depending on conditions, ability, and desired obejctives. This can start to be figured out at the pre-trip, but plans always change once at the hut.
  • Driving is about 200km and 3.5-4hrs each direction. 
  • Phelix is the biggest of the VOC's huts. Fun fact.
  • Sunset is at 4:30. Seriously.

Mandatory clothing includes whatever it takes to keep you warm in conditions as cold as -10C. Maybe even colder, who knows. 


VVV My Best photo from New Years 2014. Getting this lit is not essential, but encouraged.

Last, but not least. In the words of Donald Drumpf: "Make Skiing Great Again."




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