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Canadian Lassies in the Land of Scots: The 2017 Neil Mackenzie Adventure Grant Slideshow · Monday, September 25th

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Organized by: Kelsey Miller.

Start: Monday, Sep. 25th, 6:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting location: UBC Campus, Buchanan A202



Canadian Lassies in the Land of Scots
The 2017 Neil Mackenzie Adventure Grant Slideshow 


2017 NMAG Winners: Cora Skaien, Nicole Barrette, Carly Peterson and Kelsey Miller
Founders of the
The Neil Mackenzie Trust: Margaret and Angus Mackenzie  

Uncertainty is the only certain thing one can expect in life; the hills, in a foreign country no less, seem like a good place to practice accepting that fact. Once in the hills, one must abandon the burdensome nag of worry, which often accompanies uncertainty, in order to embody the spirit of adventure.

As self-propelled explorers of the backcountry, we practice accepting uncertainty- the primary prerequisite for adventure. Thanks to the NMAG, Cora, Nicole, Carly and Kelsey spent several weeks exploring the Scottish Highlands and the Isle of Skye, in search of adventure in the form of hikes, scrambles and climbs. They were particulary keen to scale rock they had never touched, in a country they had never set foot in.

On September 25th, at 6pm at UBC Campus, Buchanan A202, the V.O.C. and the Neil Mackenzie Trust cordially invite you and your friends to a night of stories and inspiration from these 'lassies'. It will truly be an honor to have Angus and Margaret Mackenzie, themselves, also join us.

Come and learn about the Neil Mackenzie Adventure Grant itself and how you can apply. All V.O.C. members are encouraged to apply - have your dream adventure come true with the help of our annual grant. Questions regarding grant application are welcome at the end of the slideshow.

NB: Feel free to bring your dinner, snacks and/or beverages to this event... and YOUR FRIENDS! THE MORE THE MERRIER! All are welcome.

Following the slideshow, we will most likely migrate to Koerner's Pub (open till 10pm) for a pint and further story telling.

For information about the Neil Mackenzie Adventure Grant, and how you can apply, please visit our Wiki Page.

For more information about The Neil Mackenzie Trust (Registered Charity SC046080), please visit or

Posted: 2017-04-24 14:56:22
Last modified: 2017-09-14 14:38:49