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Glacier School - G1 · Sat. Sep. 16th - Sun. Sep. 17th

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Organized by: Joe O\'Brien.

Start: Saturday, Sep. 16th, 8:00 am
End: Sunday, Sep. 17th, 8:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting: Wednesday, Sep. 13th, 6:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting location: SWNG 122




It's about that time of year where you've worn all the skin off your fingers working on your 5.13 project, a lot of the fresh snow in the big mountains has melted, and you're starting to think about winter again. Or maybe you've been eyeing peaks like Mt. Baker, Garabaldi, the Tantalus Range, etc and wondered what basic skills you'd need to travel on big mountain glaciers. Whatever your motivation, we've got you covered!! Join me, as well as many other phenomenal and experienced VOC instructors to learn the basics of glacier travel and crevasse rescue techniques. 

As this is the annual introduction to glacier travel course taught in the VOC, it is VERY popular, and those who are interested should sign up as 'Committed' early. Signup for 'Committed' opens at 12:00am on Wenesday September 6th.


1) Overnight backcountry camping experience

2) Backpacking experience

3) VOC Rock 2 or equivalent (anchor-building and introductory rope system skills)*

Attending this trip without ALL prerequisites is not possible, as it would pose a saftey hazard to all those involved. 

*if you do not have these specific skills, Kelsey Miller has generously offered to run a trip (here), which while in no way a replacement for Rock 2, will satisfy the prerequisite for this trip. Additionally, if you have attended a snow anchor and crevasse rescue session at Wreck Beach, that will also satisfy this prerequisite.


Glacier school will offer you the opportunity to learn how to self-arrest; knots for mountaineering; basic hauling systems for rescue; glacier travel; and much more! The full curricullum information packet can be found here.


If you have taken G1 before and feel VERY competent in your skills regarding basic crevasse rescue, knots, ascending ropes with prussiks, etc, then you're in luck - there's a great place for you as an instructor for G1! Note: most instructors are just that; experienced VOC members with no professional accrediation or certification. i.e. they are not professional guides. Sign up as interested for this trip, and note that you wish to instruct to get an email about instructing!

Trip Details

Who: Passionate outdoor adventurers who have all of the above note prerequisites, and want to travel on glaciers!

What: Instructional trip focusing on basics of glacier travel, crevasse rescue, snow skills, and alpine mountaineering skills. See above handbook and curriculum for more information.

Where: TBC, in Canda (likely Cypress Peak, north of Squamish)

When: Sept. 16-17th, 2017

Why: Have you looked at the picture below.....?

How: Show up to the pre-trip and the trip to find out!

And if you're still not convinced, learning the skills taught on G1 will allow you to participate on VOC trips that go to places like this:

Mt. Baker Sunrise. Photo Credit: Nathan Starzynski

Posted: 2017-08-05 14:28:49
Last modified: 2017-09-11 12:24:33