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Easter Long Weekend Kayak Loop On The Sunshine Coast · Fri. Apr. 19th - Sun. Apr. 21st

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Organized by: Alex Wharton.

Start: Friday, Apr. 19th, 7:00 am
End: Sunday, Apr. 21st, 9:00 pm


Hi everyone,

I'd like to organise a three or four day kayaking trip on the Sunshine Coast. The plan is to start and end in Sechelt and loop through Georgia Strait, Agamemnon Channel and Sechelt Inlet.

If you sign up for this trip, you should be a reasonably experienced kayaker. You should also know how to self rescue or at least be willing to learn (a week or two before the trip we will practice in Burrard Inlet). Given that this is a reasonably ambitious trip, only people who are reasonably strong kayakers will be able to come.

A big obstacle is crossing Skookumchuck Narrows; it is only to safe to cross Skookumchuck Narrows at slack tide. We will aim to cross Skookumchuck Narrows around 7:35 am on Sunday.

It costs about $200 to rent a single kayak for three days, about $240 to rent a single kayak for four days, about $270 to rent a double kayak for three days and about $330 to rent a double kayak for four days from Halfmoon Sea Kayaks in Sechelt. But, Cam, the owner of Halfmoon Sea Kayaks, usually gives VOCers a 20% discount.

The following is our trip itinerary:

Friday, April 19 - kayak from Sechelt to somewhere around Beaver Island or Nelson Island (I don't know exactly where yet or where we will camp - but we'll figure something out) (approximately 30 km)

Saturday, April 20 - kayak through Agamemnon Channel past Captain Island and camp at Little Killam Bay ( (approximately 25 km)

Sunday, April 21 - kayak from Little Killam Bay to Sechelt (approximately 40 km)

Here are our contingency plans in case we can't make it to one of our nightly campsites:

  • If within the first few minutes (or hour or two hours or so) of us beginning our paddle to Beaver Island it turns out that the water is too rough to make it all the way to Beaver Island by the evening, we will return to Sechelt and spend either two or three days kayaking in Sechelt Inlet and Salmon Inlet.
  • If we get a significant way to Beaver Island and realise that we are not going to make it to Beaver Island before dark, we will camp either on Thormanby Island or in Smugglers' Cove on Friday night. Then, on Saturday we will kayak back to Sechelt. Then, if we feel like it, we will spend Sunday kayaking around Sechelt Inlet.
  • If we start kayaking in Agamemnon Channel and Agamemnon Channel turns out to be too rough to kayak in, we will return to Irvine's Landing and request a shuttle pick up from Alex's parents
  • If we can't make it all to the way to Sechelt on Sunday, we will camp in Sechelt Inlet on Sunday night and complete our loop on Monday

Please sign up if you're interested!

Posted: 2019-01-02 10:36:55
Last modified: 2019-03-11 09:44:44