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2nd Annual Canadian Avalanche Centre Fundraiser · Monday, January 9th

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Organized by: Phil Tomlinson.

Start: Monday, Jan. 9th, 7:00 pm


You know who the CAA/CAC is? No? Well you should. If you ever go on VOC trips during the winter time, your life has litterally depended on the info they give us. The Canadian Avalanche Association/Canadian Avalanche Centre is the non-profit organization that is responsible for the bulletins we consult on a daily basis that give us a ton of incredibly valuable information on current avalanche conditions as well as a forecast for the next couple of days. The trips we do just wouldn't be possible without the work done by the CAA/CAC. They do all of this on amazingly limited budgets so the VOC likes to try and help them out where we can.

So here's what we're doing:

January 9th, starting at 7pm, we're having another ski porn night at The Gallery. Only this time, we'll have some of the freshest, juicest ski flicks out. All.I.Can.? Yup, we got that. Attack of La Nina? Yea, that too. And you better believe that we're starting the night off with a solemn watching of G.N.A.R. Oh, and we're watching it all in full HD. Is there a sick movie you want to watch? Let me know what it is and I'll try and find it.

We're going to be charging $5 at the door, we'll be selling shwank CAA branded gear, and we'll also be having a raffle. Last year we had a raffle, and it was awesome and all, but the prizes weren't too huge. This year? This year we've got one of those crazy nice new Mammut Element Beacons. Yup, that's right, grand prize on the raffle is a beacon that sells for almost $390 once you account for taxes. Sick prize eh? We'll find a few more things to toss into the pot as secondary prizes, so don't worry, more than one person is going home with some shwag. Tickets will be available for sale in the club room starting on Wednesday December 14th and will sell for $5 each, or 5 for $20 (Tickets won't be on sale until I've got confirmation on that beacon, it's 90% sure, but I don't want anyone to feel cheated if it falls through, so I'm holding off selling tickets until next week). The draw will take place at the fundraiser and you, or someone you trust enough to give them your tickets, has to be there to win. Buy tickets for yourself, buy'em as a gift for others, I don't care, just fork over cash to the CAA/CAC. Every single last little penny raised goes directly to the CAA/CAC, no 'all profits', no 'a portion of proceeds', every last penny, from your hand, into the hands of the guys trying so damn hard to keep us informed about the avi risk out there, the guys who designed the AST courses, the guys who have that really cool avalanche logo.

The CAA/CAC are good people. Like, awesome people. We couldn't do what we do without them, so we have to give something back. Somehow we've figured out how to give back by drinking beer and watching ski porn. We must be geniuses or something.

Posted: 2011-12-05 15:45:38
Last modified: 2011-12-08 11:48:19