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Xtreme Yak and Zoa dual day trip · Sat. Mar. 3rd - Sun. Mar. 4th

Warning: This is an old trip - it already happened

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Organized by: Noriko Okamoto.

Start: Saturday, Mar. 3rd, 6:06 am
End: Sunday, Mar. 4th, 6:18 pm
Pre-trip meeting: Wednesday, Feb. 29th, 6:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting location: club room


Since I went to Iago for Intro to Backcountry Skiing this January, I've been wanting to go back to slay the fluff. The rough plan of this trip is, drive to the Coquihalla area, car camping, and go to daytrips to Yak peak, and then Zoa ridge.

XYZ dual daytrips are the revenge for Ancipital Backcountry Coquihalla Daytrips (aka Apparently Bailed on Coquihalla, Dual Duffery Daytrips) due to the poor snow condition.

We don't know the weather/avi condition yet.

I need experienced people in the trip - those who're familier with terrain choice, and those who have been to these place. 

and of course, we need drivers - see how it goes....

-----------update 26th FEB----------------
Zoa is a powder heaven.
Yak is good to look at, but not so good to ski on - so we see it from highway, pass it and go Zoa and Coquihalla Lake ridge.
In addition to ski-car trip gears, people are strongly recommended to bring 4L OF WATER (most of it stays in the car)  as snow near-by highway is often brown and kinda gross to make water from. We may even bring mini-BBQ to put something on. ahhh, red neck weekend.
 ----------update 27th Feb--------------------------------
OK, so I was asked by couple of people if they can come to the trip.
terrain itself is pretty mellow, and my traveling speed is slower than most of machine people you found in the club (you already knew if you've been on trip with me before...), so if your concern is about fitness level, don't be hesitate - it's your trip.

I didn't mean to scare people off by not saying "beginner friendly"- it is, in fact, probably one of the few places that beginner skiers are comfortably challenge to make or even enjoy some sweet turns. However, there're some differences compared to some popular beginner friendly places such as Red Heather or Hollyburn - the trip involves tree skiing (i.e. there's a section that doesn't have trail to follow). This is usually no problem when skinning up - but you have to dodge trees/branches when you're coming down. I also observed deep tree wells. So if you hit the trees, not only you feel pain, but you may be in the well of 2m deep or so. So that's why you'd wish to have some basic survival ski technique, i.e. snow plowing, side slipping, and side stepping.

Also, as is the case with any backcountry skiing trip, I'd like all the participant to be familialized themselves with avalanche beacon. Although both destination (Zoa and Coquihalla ridge) are fairly mellow place, thus has less avi risk, but it's still backcountry, and you'll want to know it anyway. In case you've been missing beacon practices this year so far but still want to come - I will hold a mini explanation session how to use the beacon after pre-trip meeting, and will conduct a mini beacon practice before we're really heading off to the the terrain.
---------------what to bring-------------------------------------------
what to bring on you
avi gear
water 2L (adjust if you know that you need more/less) in your day pack
sunglasses+sunscreen (goggles optional)
wear non-cotton (now people recommend woolen inners but alas the icebreaker sale is the week after!)
warm jacket/wind breaker to wear for lunch stop
gloves + beanie/touque
HEADLUMP+fresh batteries
high spirit
What to bring in the car
3L additional water if you're not meltitng snow
stove+appropriate fuel+pot+utensil+dinner material (we'll make food group)
1 breakfast
sleeping bag+sleeping mattress (will be some what between -10~-20C depend on the weather)
what we share
music instrument+songbook (optional but highly recommended)
We're planning to stay in a car park that has non-heated toilet.
It is unknown if there's TP, so bring your own just in case
--------------infomation of the area-------------------------
Phil's photos from last weekend
CAC bulletin
weather of the area

Posted: 2012-02-13 00:58:26
Last modified: 2012-03-01 08:03:33