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Spearhead in Red · Mon. Mar. 1st - Fri. Apr. 30th

Warning: This trip is currently underway!

Warning: This is a tentative trip : Covid, weather

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Organized by: Hannah Bates.

Start: Monday, Mar. 1st
End: Friday, Apr. 30th


The Spearhead traverse is a ski traverse that starts at Blackcomb mountain and ends at Whistler mountain, meaning you can ride the lift and skip skinning up ~1500m of elevation. It is 35km long with ~2000m cumulative elevation gain. It's easily accessible as it starts and ends at Whistler village, although this also means it is rather popular.

Since this is likely my last season with a Whistler pass, I would like to try to do this traverse before the end of the season (and save the ~70$ I would have to pay for a backcountry pass if I were to do this in a later year)! The above dates are entirely dependent on whether Covid restrictions ease up, a nice weather window opens up, and there are low/moderate avalanche conditions. So really, not super likely. This trip could occur anywhere between late February and end of April.

This trip is the Spearhead in RED because everyone has to wear red on this trip, whether that involves spray-painting your goretex or using sheets as a red toga (I personally have a red T-shirt and loose red pants to wear over my other layers). If you think you are capable of doing this traverse, then you should also be capable of appearing red. I believe in you.

I hope to do the traverse in 3 days (2 nights of winter camping) so we can enjoy our time in the backcountry, and possibly ski some noice lines. Since we will be waiting for optimal weather, this may involve skipping 3 school days *gasp*, but ideally fewer.

As of now, this trip is ENTIRELY tentative, with no set plans, but if it does occur, it would likely be in seperate bubbles, possibly each with varying objectives for the day. I may make a message board thread for this later. If you have skiing and glacier knowledge/experience and are interested in wearing red, feel free to sign up as interested! I am posting this to 1) gauge interest and 2) because the trip agenda is lookin kinda sparse due to Covid. BUT WE CAN DREAM!


Photo credit: Skyler Des Roches, 2013 (VOC Gallery)

Additional credit: I believe it was originally Joe O'Brien (?) who came up with the 'Spearhead in Red' idea at a trip brainstorming session I held a couple years ago.

Posted: 2021-01-19 22:55:05
Last modified: 2021-02-04 16:21:21