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Li'l Lukie's Newcastle Island Marine Provincial Park May Long Weekend Social Campout · Fri. May. 20th - Mon. May. 23rd

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Organized by: Lukas Olson.

Start: Friday, May. 20th, 3:00 pm
End: Monday, May. 23rd
Pre-trip meeting: Wednesday, May. 11th, 8:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting location:


NewCastle Island

For an experience rich in history, culture and entertainment, do what people have been doing since the 1930s - hop a boat to Newcastle Island Marine Provincial Park, one of the most intriguing parks in BC.

From a distance you'll see an island shoreline dominated by steep sandstone cliffs and ledges, interspersed with sunny beaches. Up close, you'll discover rocky caves and caverns - a marked contrast to the interior of the island, which is studded with mature Douglas fir, Garry oak, arbutus and dogwood trees.

The current plan is to catch the Friday Afternoon / Saturday Morning ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay (~4 hours), walk ~2.5 km along the freeway into a nearby marina, take a small foot-ferry from the marina to Newcastle Island, and set up a new home for Saturday and Sunday night.

Saturday afternoon and Sunday we'll explore the beautiful Newcastle Island trails, the quarry, and nearby city of Nanaimo and (hopefully) enjoy warm weather. 

Monday morning we'll pack up and catch an afternoon ferry home -- all in time for work Tuesday morning.

Due to our relative proximity to the City of Nanaimo, this is an ultra-friendly trip for beginners and no experience is required.

We have 200 spots available, and the price decreases with each new member! So join the fun and bring a friend!


Cost is approximately $65 per person

breakdown as follows:

Camp-ground fees is $258 for the group ($80 / night for the campsite; minimum of 3 nights + $18 fee); split between all trip members. (assuming 20 trip goers, this fee is roughly: $258 / 20 = $13)

Individual camping fees / permits is $15 per person.

Transportation cost per person (including both ferries -- there and back): $37

Cost per person: $13 + $15 + $37 = $65

If you're marking yourself as "going" and are confident that you're coming, please e-transfer (or arrange cash payment) for the first payment (camp-site & camping fees: $33.81) to [email protected]; thanks!



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