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Brother of Bigwall - Advanced · Sun. May. 1st - Tue. May. 31st

Warning: This trip is currently underway!

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Organized by: Nick Hindley.

Start: Sunday, May. 1st
End: Tuesday, May. 31st


So, you want to climb bigwalls? Sleep on a portaledge and spend multiple days in the vertical? Tremble with fear above a science project of janky aid gear? Then there’s probably something wrong with you but you’ve come the the right place.  


This is a 4-week climbing skills workshop intended to help you develop the necessary skills to safely venture out into the realm of multi-day wall climbing. 



4x 3hr classroom/ aviary sessions over 4 weeks in May (likely on campus, likely evenings from 7 to 10pm), broadly covering the topics below:

  1. Overview; planning, preparation, and objective choice
  2. Basic clean aid climbing technique
  3. Hauling techniques (aka pig wrestling) 
  4. Portaledge and vertical camp setup

There will also be 1-day weekend session in Squamish where groups can get on an aid climb and practice hauling. One group on the Saturday, and the other group on the Sunday (flexible). Exact dates and times of sessions will be determind based on group availability.


Group selection:

The group size will be limited to 6 spots - 3 for guys and 3 for ladies. Due to the advanced nature of the skills being developed, the workshop is not first come first served. I'm looking for people who are stoked, have the prerequisite skills, and have a lot to offer to the VOC. You must be able to commit to the 4x weekly sessions. The group will be decided by April 27 and I will reach out to participants directly via email.


Prerequisite skills:

- Extensive trad experience

- Extensive multi pitch experience

- Experience ascending ropes is a major asset

- St0ke



We can share certain gear, but it helps a lot if you have all of the items below. You may be encouraged to pick up a few small items along the way.

- Trad rack incl. plenty of slings and locking biners

- Ascenders

- Grigri


Fill out the signup questions with a reasonable amount of detail - it helps me and may improve your case. Post to the message board link if you have any public questions, thoughts, or suggestions for the workshop. Also feel free to reach out to me directly via email.


Pro tip: Always pack your beer cans oriented vertically in the centre of your haul bag if you want to prevent them from exploding as they’re dragged up hundreds of metres of granite.


Posted: 2022-03-25 00:33:08
Last modified: 2022-03-25 00:42:22