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Steps to Multipitch [Instructional Trip] · Fri. Jun. 3rd - Sun. Jun. 5th

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Organized by: Linda Kiritchkov.

Start: Friday, Jun. 3rd, 6:00 am
End: Sunday, Jun. 5th, 8:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting: Monday, May. 30th, 6:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting location: Zoom


EDIT (April 16th): Dates have changed from May 27th-29th to the following weekend (June 2nd-5th)

EDIT (May 1st): Time of pretrip changed from 7pm to 6pm


Have you ever driven through Squamish, seen all those tiny bright specks up on the Chief, and thought to yourself “I wish that was me”? Well, this is your opportunity to make that dream a reality!


In Steps to Multipitch, we’ll take you from top-roping outdoors to leading your first sport multi-pitch climb over the course of one evening “dry school” session in Vancouver and a full weekend in Squamish. This trip is meant for people who know how to top-rope outdoors, but do not have lead experience. Priority wil go to those without lead climbing experence. If you have lead experience, consider taking Rock 5 at Son of Rock instead!

We will be leaving for Squamish immediately after work on the Friday (5pm) and we'll get back into Vancouver Sunday evening. We’ll be camping over the weekend, which means you’ll need to have a tent, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag (or access to these), as well as food/the tools to cook food for the weekend. We can figure out tent/stove sharing logistics at the pre-trip meeting.


Attendance at the pre-trip, the Thursday evening dry school session, and the weekend are all mandatory. If you cannot make the pretrip, please email me. During dry school we will review anchor systems, cleaning, and rappelling to make sure everyone is on the same page. We’ll also cover some of the basics of lead climbing techniques and/or multi-pitch systems.



  • Car camping experience
  • Completed Rock 2 or have the equivalent knowledge - knowledge of climbing anchors and how to set-them up, knowledge of how to safely clean anchors and rappel. Taking Rock 2 at Son of Rock will fulfill this requirement! If you are unsure whether you meet this requirement, reach out to us via email.
  • You’re able to top-rope climb a 5.10 indoors without taking or falling most of the time.
  • Priority will go to those with little to no lead climbing experience-  if you have lead climbing experience, consider taking Rock 5 (multipitch) at Son of Rock instead!
  • Able to commit to all the dates (Thursday evening dry school, and the entire weekend)



May 30th (Monday) 6-7pm - Pre-trip meeting

June 2nd (Thursday) 5:30-9:30pm - Evening “dry school” session in Vancouver (exact location TBD)

June 3rd (Friday)- immediately after work we’ll drive to Squamish and begin learning about lead climbing/belaying techniques

June 4th (Saturday)- lead climbing and multipitch system practice

June 5th (Sunday)- climbing a full multi-pitch!


Climbing gear that you will need:

  • Harness, shoes, helmet
  • Guide ATC or GriGri + locking carabiner
  • Anchor building materials
  • Locking carabiner and sling/PAS/etc for a personal safety 


Climbing gear that we will share:

  • One dynamic rope for every two people
  • ~10-12 quick-draws per every two people


Sign-up information:

Currently, myself and Mason Slavner will be instructing on this trip. We’ll have a 5:1 student to instructor ratio, meaning we can take 10 people on this trip. I imagine that this trip will be quite popular, and I personally hate the race to refresh the page quickly enough when the committed sign-up opens. SO, the way that we’ll run the sign-up is as follows:

  • For anyone that signs up as committed before 5pm on May 29th, I will put into a random list generator and send out the list that evening. This will be the new “committed” list, and we’ll take people starting from the top of that list, as long as they have all the pre-reqs (which we’ll figure out at the pre-trip meeting). If you are within the top 15-20 people on the randomized list, I would recommend coming to the pre-trip meeting in case anyone higher on the list does not show up.

That being said, if anyone is interested in helping instruct on this trip, please reach out to myself ([email protected]) or Mason ([email protected]). If we get more instructors, I will update this trip posting to allow more folks to participate! Yay learning! 

For any other questions about pre-reqs, gear, logistics, the sign-up system, etc. feel free to reach out to either myself ([email protected]) or Mason ([email protected])!


*Disclaimer: We are not certified rock guides, just folks who love climbing and want to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of climbers :)


A note on inclusivity: the VOC is committed to equity in the outdoors, and we encourage underrepresented groups to participate in this trip! BIPOC, LGBTQ2S+ folks, and folks of all shapes and sizes are encouraged to attend!  <3

Posted: 2022-04-07 13:45:01
Last modified: 2022-05-01 10:53:50