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Anniversary hike up Brandywine or beginner friendly climbing · Sat. Jun. 18th - Sun. Jun. 19th

Warning: This is an old trip - it already happened

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Organized by: Ross Campbell.

Start: Saturday, Jun. 18th
End: Sunday, Jun. 19th
Pre-trip meeting: Tuesday, Jun. 14th, 7:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting location: zoom


Updated Plan (as per most recent email faff)


Hello all keeners!
I have a multitude of news: good, bad, indifferent, all of the above.
First, multiple people have informed me that the pre-trip was due to happen the same time as the VOC BBQ. As I neither want to be responsible for making people miss the BBQ, nor want to work out the logistics of having the meeting from the BBQ, I've moved the meeting to Tuesday 14th June, 7pm on Zoom. Go to the BBQ, will be a good time!
Also, This is a frustratingly weird year. Normally by now we would have a nice and stable snow pack and could go hike up Mt. Price without much concern. This year that just hasn't happened yet. After much deliberating I've came up with a new plan that can provide excitement without getting us all killed. It doesn't look much like the original plan though. Plan goes as follows:
Saturday: Drive up to and hike into Brandywine Meadows. This is a pretty short hike, 2- 3 hours. Set up camp, enjoy the sunshine and head to bed nice and early.
Sunday (just about...): Set the alarm for an ungodly hour, maybe 2am. Poke about at the snow. If it has refroze overnight then we should be safe from avalanches. Have a quick breakfast, dawn our headlamps and hike to the peak aiming to arrive to see the sunrise or there abouts. Get back down before the day warms up the snow and enjoy an early afternoon alpine nap before heading home.
Sunday (alternative possibility): Set alarm for ungodly hour, get up, poke at snow, see it is still slushy. Thank fuck for that - back to bed for a few more hours. Get up at the positively luxurious time of like 6am, have quick breakfast, say goodbye to the mountains and go find some climbing. I've never heard of anyone going up to brandywine to break into cars (I don't think it's popular enough), so we can likely just leave our things at the trailhead and with the short hike we should have time enough to have some fun.
Equipment needed for hike beyond the normal (all available from the clubroom):
Ice Axe,
Avy gear (We will only head up if the snow is firm, which should mean no avalanches. Still, it is best to be extra cautious right now, and I doubt there is high demand for beacons right now so I'm sure we can find gear for everyone. I realise that not everyone will know how to use avy gear. We will have time to go over it in the meadows on Saturday, and our planning should make the chances of an avalanche very small.
If anyone has any concerns or questions feel free to email me, or ask away at the meeting tomorrow.
Sorry for all the messing about. I swear this isn't normal.
See you all tomorrow!



Old plan


Do you like hiking, views, fun? Then this is the trip for you!




On the second weekend of June 2012 I went on my first ever hike with the VOC. Since then I've been on trips in the BC mountains most weekends, learning to ski and climb (sort of) in the process. To mark this ten year anniversary I want to go back to where it all started, a hike up mount Price. Mount Price is on the banks of lake Garibaldi and is certainly a peak worth standing atop. It will be a long day to go up and down, but not technically challenging; there aren't any cliffs to fall off of or the likes. On that hike ten years ago, because I'm dumb, I rented a pair of plastic mountaineering boots one size too small. I don't recommend anything about this choice...




Because overnight trips are more fun than day trips, lets camp up near Squamish at Check Canyon or wherever the cool kids camp before climbing now. We can then go climb on the Sunday. I'm a terrible climber so don't worry if you are too, or are new to it entirely (though let me know if this is the case). We can have a chill day somewhere with the easiest routes I can track down. Those who like their climbing less chill can hopefully find a car group of like-minded people. Something will work out.


If you are lacking in any gear, be it hiking, climbing, camping, send me a message and we can work something out. There is always enough gear lining someones cupboard.




So come one, come all!



Posted: 2022-05-19 20:42:42
Last modified: 2022-06-13 23:15:26