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Scrambling and Golden Larches in the North Cascades (Washington) · Sat. Oct. 8th - Mon. Oct. 10th

Warning, this trip has been cancelled : Weather

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Organized by: Joseph Meyer.

Start: Saturday, Oct. 8th, 5:00 am
End: Monday, Oct. 10th, 9:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting: Tuesday, Oct. 4th, 6:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting location: Clubroom



The North Cascades doesn’t get enough love from Vancouverites. Yes, there is a border crossing, although the drive is only ~3.5 hours, less than a lot of places in SWBC when you consider the FSRs! I’ve spent a bit of time there over the summer on trips, and would like to head back over thanksgiving to experience this place in fall colors!



The plan would be to leave Vancouver at the ass crack of dawn on Saturday in my car (drives 5) in order to avoid bad border traffic and make it to the Rainy Pass Trailhead at a reasonable time, then hike in ~16km to Snowy Lakes Pass where we’ll be camping. This area has a lot of larches, they will hopefully be golden, and hopefully there won’t be too many Seattleites hogging the parking in an attempt to see the larches as well. Sunday I’d like to scramble both Golden Horn and Tower Mountain if the conditions are right - Golden horn is a 4th class scramble and Tower Mountain should be 3rd class with good route finding. If you don’t have the experience or don’t feel comfortable scrambling either of these then you can still come on the trip, but priority will be given to those who intend to go for these objectives and have the required experience. Monday we will head back to the trailhead and drive back to Vancouver, almost certainly stopping at the Trader Joe’s in Bellingham.



Backcountry camping experience is necessary, there is a pretty solid gain in elevation to get to the campsite and I’m not intending for this to be a beginner trip. The Golden Horn is a 4th class scramble that has a couple of rappel stations, Tower Mountain should be 3rd class with good route finding (beta from a trip report on You must have experience scrambling to attempt these. Rappelling experience and gear would also be very helpful - some people do it without any rope, this is your decision, although it is a good idea to have the experience and gear even if you are feeling sendy enough not to use them.



There is definitely a chance that it rains or snows this weekend, if it does then scrambling is a question mark.





I am not a guide or professional of any kind, if you don’t feel comfortable taking responsibility for your own life in the context of an informal trip organized by a volunteer, you should go on a trip organized by a professional guiding service. 


Also, you'll need a passport since we're crossing the border into the States.

Posted: 2022-09-22 22:37:46
Last modified: 2022-09-28 16:56:30