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AST 1 AND Intro to Backcountry Ski Touring (Course) · Thu. Dec. 8th - Fri. Dec. 9th

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Organized by: Anthony Carbone.

Start: Thursday, Dec. 8th, 7:00 am
End: Friday, Dec. 9th, 4:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting: Wednesday, Dec. 7th, 7:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting location: Online


Want to do an AST 1? But can't make the other dates? Want to combine it with an intro to ski touring? Want to do it at North Shore (less travel and no need for backcountry pass)? This course is for you.

So Annika Eng and I can't make the other AST 1 dates, and want to take this other course which includes an intro to ski touring. See the learnings:

AST 1 Component:

  • Avalanche theory
  • Companion Rescue
  • Human Factors
  • Terrain Identification
  • Avalanche Danger Ratings
  • Snowpack Analysis

Ski Touring Component:

  • Equipment Selection and Usage
  • Trip planning
  • Safe Terrain Usage
  • Efficient Uphill Track Setting
  • Modern Navigation
  • Weather Tools


  • Online Course: 4-6 hour online avalanche theory course. Complete at your own pace during the week prior to field session.
  • Online Meeting: 7PM on evening before field day
  • Field Day 1 North Vancouver: 7AM – 3PM Mount Seymour Park
  • Field Day 2 North Vancouver: 8AM – 4PM Mount Seymour Park

Disclaimer: This is not a VOC-discounted course. It's also more expensive than a normal AST1 because of the ski touring component.

=> $349 total (+ tax)

... but keep in mind you don't have to pay for the $69 Whistler day pass + fuel to/from Whistler!

See the course here, it's listed as 'December 7-9, 2022 (PRIVATE Course: Both Field Days at Mt Seymour)' 

Note, the link ^ says Whistler but we've talked to Tristen who runs the company and he's keen to put it on for our dates and all on North Shore, snow-permitting.

I'm in!: If you're keen sign up to the comitted list, message me on Whatsapp (+61 459 626 636) so I can add you to the chat, and when you're ready book and pay for the course (it's listed as 'December 7-9, 2022 (PRIVATE Course: Both Field Days at Mt Seymour)' on the link above ^)

Gear: Basically everything apart from clothes can be borrowed from the VOC. This includes skis, boots, poles, avalanche gear, etc. Check out the course website above to see the remainder of what you need.

Cheers 🤙



We just need a minimum of four people to make it happen on these dates (just before exams start), we've got three already comitted so just need one more. Any more that sign up is just a bonus.

Update (7th Nov): We've got the minimum people now, there's 2/8 spots still available, or if we get >=12 comitted we can put on another session.

Update (14th Nov): The first group is booked out. But that's ok! If we get another 4 people together then we can make a second group happen on the same dates with a different instructor! If you're keen to join this second group then smash that comitted button and message me on whatsapp!

Posted: 2022-10-31 11:54:42
Last modified: 2022-11-14 13:26:45