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Steps to the Neve! · Sat. Dec. 10th - Sat. Apr. 1st

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Organized by: Ethan Somji.

Start: Saturday, Dec. 10th
End: Saturday, Apr. 1st


The Garibaldi Neve is a ski traverse on a glacier (where you ski off-piste, i.e. no runs, lifts, etc. through the backcountry) done in 2 to 3 days, either winter camping or sleeping in huts.

If your heart skips a beat just hearing the phrase “ski traverse”, but you have no (or very little) experience with skiing, backcountry camping, and/or winter camping, the Steps to the Neve trips are for you.

We (more experienced VOCers) are going to lead a series of instructional trips to get you (novice backcountry skiers) into the backcountry and to a skill level where, this coming spring we can ski the Neve together, and create a big happy skiing community!

There are 4 Steps to the Neve, with a month between each trip so you can practice your skills

  1. December:          Day trip at a resort followed by a day trip in the backcountry
  2. January:              Longer day trip in the backcountry
  3. February:            Backcountry overnight trip to a hut
  4. March:                Backcountry overnight trip with winter camping
  5. March/April:        Ski the Garibaldi Neve! (or similar depending on conditions)

Exact dates will be decided closer to the trip and posted on the trip agenda.

Between-trip skiing can be done at a ski resort (i.e. any North Shore mountain, or at Whistler) or on other beginner friendly VOC trips. Keep your eye out for “steps”-specific resort instructionals on select Saturdays (Whistler) and evenings (North Shore). 

(Note that if VOCers are giving up their time to take you skiing for the day, the group is expected to all chip in and cover the teacher’s lift ticket!)

Everybody can attend the “steps” trips! Preference will be given to those that have done the previous trips to keep them moving through the program. To do Step 5 (the Neve), you will need to attended the four previous steps (or have the equivalent experience). If you can’t attend the scheduled steps, send us an email and we will try to help you find an equivalent one to join. 


  • No or minimal skiing experience (greens)! This trip series is intended for people with no prior ski experience!
  • Stoke about skiing the Garibaldi Neve

Two final points to remember:

  • We are not guides or instructors. We are just people that love skiing and want to share this awesome sport with others!
  • Any trip that runs (ever), you must always sign up as committed and attend the pre-trip if you want to go.

Posted: 2022-11-17 13:27:41