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Return of the VOC Summer Skinny Dip Challenge! · Mon. May. 1st - Mon. Sep. 4th

Warning: This trip is currently underway!

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Organized by: Kevin McKay.

Start: Monday, May. 1st
End: Monday, Sep. 4th


The first VOC Summer Skinny Dip Challenge was held in 2017 in honour of the VOC's 100th birthday celebrations. It has been held sporadically in years since, and this year will be one of those years. The challenge is simple: How many different bodies of water can the VOC collectively dip this summer?


In 2017 we dipped 134 bodies of water between the May and September long weekends, and in 2020 we dipped 132 between the July and September long weekends! With our greatly expanded membership and timeframe, we should have no trouble greatly expanding our body count! You can help your fellow club members in this endeavour by documenting your swims, strategically planning trips around notable bodies of water, and never missing the chance to dip in a tarn.


The Rules

- Submersion up to the shoulders is required. Note that this can be achieved by crouching or laying if the water is shallow.

- Natural bodies of water only. Hot springs count, but only if they're not man-made pools/tubs. Multiple natural hot springs in the vicinity of each other also count.

- It's called the skinny dip challenge, but birthday suits are required only in spirit. Please don’t do anything that makes you or someone around you uncomfortable (see below).

- The Pacific Ocean only counts once for the overall challenge or for your individual dip count.

- Multiple tarns in the same general vicinity count. Give them each a name in the spreadsheet.

- Try to update the spreadsheet and message board quickly after you return from your dip. We need to know if you already swam in Brew Lake so that we don’t count it a second time.

- If you are going for the individual prize, enter your dip in the spreadsheet even if that body of water has already been entered by another dipper - just don't give it a number, since it won't count towards the collective bodies of water main challenge.



Enter your achievements in the official 2023 VOC Social Dip-Stancing Challenge spreadsheet (found in the Message Board post associated with this trip posting). This is so everyone can see what bodies of water have already been swum in, to allow for better planning. If you swim in an unnamed body of water, give it a name that helps people understand where it is so they don’t make a repeat entry. You could also post the coordinates or a link to a google maps pin. 



Besides the collective satisfaction of clubwide nude camaraderie, bragging rights, goon awards, mentions in the journal, and perhaps some as-of-yet undecided swag will be awarded to the most prolific VOC nude swimmers, in a variety of categories.

- Person with the most dips completed (does not need to be on official VOC trips)

- Most VOCers in the same body of water at the same time (does not need to be on an official VOC trip, but when else are you going to get that many VOCers together?)

- Trip leader with the most dips occurring on their trips (official VOC trips posted to the calendar)

- Trip leader of the most trips on which at least one dip occurred (official VOC trips posted to the calendar)

- Best dip (totally subjective, could be based on location, trip circumstances, or any other factor. Judged based on your description as submitted to the spreadsheet)



Some people in your vicinity, whether they be members of the general public or fellow VOCers on your trips, may not be comfortable with seeing you naked. If this is the case, don’t skinnydip! If you plan on skinnydipping on a VOC trip, please ask your fellow VOCers if they’re ok with it. Creating a comfortable and welcoming environment on our trips should always take priority over adding another body of water to the list. Besides, it still counts even if you aren’t swimming in the nude! Let’s make this challenge fun for everybody involved.

Posted: 2023-04-01 12:06:07
Last modified: 2023-05-01 08:25:48