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Intro to Falling and Fear Managment in Sport Climbing [Workshop] · Saturday, June 17th

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Organized by: Nina Robertson.

Start: Saturday, Jun. 17th
End: Saturday, Jun. 17th
Pre-trip meeting: Monday, Jun. 12th, 8:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting location: ZOOM


This workshop is aimed at people who are comfortable with the basics of lead climbing (rock 3/ rock 3 equivalent) and are wanting to build their comfort with falling! Maybe you are an experienced climber who wants to push your grade, and get out of your comfort zone; maybe you are recovering from a big fall and need to rebuild confidence; maybe you have been putting off fall practice and want to develop a plan to tackle your fear of falling; maybe you are a newer climber who wants to learn the basics of how to fall safely, and acclimatize your nervous system to potential falls. 

Whatever the case may be, getting comfortable with falling is an investment in your future climbing - both in terms of performance (we climb better, and can try things that are harder for us), and joy (it's more fun not to be scared).

However, falling can be stressful on your nervous system and can bring up a lot of fear for people. After all, we are apes: for millennia a fall at the wrong moment could put us at risk of predatory attack or injury. 

Moving past this fear effectively is what this workshop is all about.

Ex-VOC member, Mason Slavner, and I will be co-facilitating. Mason has a Decade's worth of climbing experience and has taught both for the VOC and Cliffhanger. He is also in the middle of a Masters of Counseling, and looks forward to bringing the group together to talk about feelings of fear or failure that might come from trying and falling. While I (Nina Robertson), am bringing what I have learned from my own experiences working through fear on the wall, my research into the relationships between climbing and fear both as an academic and from reading extensively about fear management and fall practice in climbing. 

So what will we actually do?

We will meet in Squeamish on June 17th for a full day at the crag (we can figure out gear at the pre-trip). Mason and I will be staying to climb on the 18th as well. If you would like to join us you are more than welcome, but there will be no official instruction.

In the workshop, we are going to do a mixture of things but the goals are to:

- Get into the basics of safe falling practices, and how to make good risk assessments.

- Talk about and practice fall communication + belaying.

- Help you get really specific about what your climbing fears are, and how they impact you.

- Talk about a typical fall practice progression from training and physiological/neurological perspectives.

- Teach some nervous system activation and management strategies you can use to ground yourself and help process fear as it arises. 

- Practice falling (lots and lots of this)!

Please note: due to the nature and intention of the workshop, we will be taking a limited number of 6  participants. This is so we can maintain safety while falling, and create an intimate setting to promote sharing and grounding when hard feelings arise during falls. 

I think it'll be a fun day. Please feel free to reach out to Mason and me if you have any questions. Email is probably the best way our addresses are: [email protected], and [email protected].

Posted: 2023-05-16 10:51:48
Last modified: 2023-05-16 12:05:39