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3rd Annual Thrifty Skaha Sends (Okanagan rock climbing) · Fri. Oct. 20th, 2023 - Sun. Oct. 22nd, 2023

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Organized by: Sonia Landwehr.

Start: Friday, Oct. 20th, 12:00 pm
End: Sunday, Oct. 22nd, 11:59 pm
Pre-trip meeting: Monday, Oct. 16th, 6:30 pm
Pre-trip meeting location: clubroom/zoom


Come to Skaha Bluffs, a world class climbing destination close to Penticton and get thrifty (for the 3rd time)!

Your task is simple: 

  • go to a thrift store or a friend's closet or the bottom of that bin of clothes you keep saying you'll donate but have accidentally packed away in storage for 3 summers now. Grab a steezy outfit that you want to to make your friend/car group mate/climbing partner climb in for the trip (inspiration picture included). 
  • The mandatory rule from previous years' trip: “all prospective attendees must be willing to dress up in the gaudiest outfits your fellow VOC attendees want to subject you to and climb in it for a bit.” 
  • climb!

Anything goes! PC: Eve Hurd

About Skaha: 

Approx 5 hr drive from Vancouver, Skaha Bluffs are a world-class climbing destination in the Okanagan that boast a super great shoulder season and tall walls of gneiss. Some trad but mostly sport! Skaha was my first official VOC trip and I had such a blast I decided to organize trips there myself. 


This is not a beginner trip unfortunately. At least Rock 2 and experience with Rock 2 principles will be required to join. If you haven't taken Rock 2 with the club but have equivalent skills that is acceptable. Rock 3 is highly recommended and preference may be given to those with that level of experience.

An explanation of Rock levels can be found here:


If you are a beginner and have a friend that is coming and fully willing to coach you along then you're welcome to come, but I will not be teaching any skills and want people to generally be pretty self-sufficient :) 


Skaha has great rock to nap on (PC: Evan Wong)



Skaha is about a 5 hour drive from Vancouver so we will leave sometime on Friday to maximize our climbing time. If some cars can't make it out on Friday we can meet out there. We’ll then return Sunday evening after getting our fill.


I will be leaving logistics of getting to Skaha largely up to individual car groups once we have organized the specific car groups! I will not be checking in if groupchats for your groups have been made, the idea is that it should be a pretty chill organization.


We will camp at a nearby rec site. If there are any questions about camping specifics please let me know!



Gas money split between your car group                                                                                                      Pic by Evan Wong

Any personal food costs

Firewood maybe???


Things to Bring


- camping gear (warm sleeping bag, pad, tent, etc)

- climbing gear (harness, belay device, shoes, quickdraws, anchor kit, rope if you got it)

- warm clothing/layers - nights will probably be kinda cold (the price of dry shoulder seasons)

- food/cooking stuff


Priority Given:

1. Drivers

2. Rock Level/Gear

3. Order of Committed list                                                          

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Last modified: 2023-09-16 12:49:36