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Workhike - Harrison Hut Trail Final Hurrah · Sat. Oct. 25th - Sun. Oct. 26th

Warning: This is an old trip - it already happened

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Organized by: Christian Veenstra.

Start: Saturday, Oct. 25th
End: Sunday, Oct. 26th
Pre-trip meeting: Wednesday, Oct. 22nd, 7:15 pm
Pre-trip meeting location: Clubroom


It's been a long 4 years, but we can finally say that we have restored access to our Harrison Hut thanks to the hard work of many, many, VOCers and financial assistance from MEC.

However, there remain some critical tasks for the trail before this trail-building season draws to a close. This includes:

* Re-inforcing the bridge boulders with gabion cages. Removing the log jam near the Barr Creek Bridge revealed that one of the boulders has dangerously little rock supporting it. We need to fix that before the boulder tips and takes the bridge out with it. Removing the log jam bought us some time by re-directing the flow elsewhere (and also made the problem more apparent), but it may not take another spring melt or debris flow. This involves carrying in wire mesh cages and then gathering/filling them with local rock.

* Increasing traction on the logs in the clearcut. We should either place the trail beside the logs (as originally intended) or install traction control on the logs so people stop falling off.

* Beefing up / finishing switchbacks. Many short steep areas have chopped dirt steps, rather than either a rock / log staircase or switchbacks. These dirt steps need to be replaced with a proper trail surface before they become a total mud-pit.

Another key issue is improving the hotsprings-side of the trail, which is starting to see a lot of use, especially in high-erosion areas, before it also becomes a mud pit.

I'm hoping that the slideshow earlier in the month will raise stoke sufficiently to get all of these difficult tasks accomplished.

This will be a great opportunity to give back to the club, and one of the few major workhikes this fall where you actually get to, you know, work. Hard. This trip is "beginner friendly" in the classic VOC sense of the term - not in the sense that it will be easy, but we will welcome you to come help out even if you are not an experienced overnight hiker. Note that, if you fall into this category, I ask that you come to the pre-trip meeting in person (or send a representative who knows your abilities, whether or not you have a car/tent/stove, and what your weekend schedule is), and actually bring the required gear but not random extra stuff. No caveats about trailbuilding experience, other than the ability to follow simple instructions like "carry these rocks". Hopefully we will get enough experienced people to have strong leaders for each small group of workers.

This is a "whole weekend" affair - leaving early Saturday (or Friday night) and returning late Sunday. Depending on the number of personnel we will likely have groups staying at both the hut and hotsprings, and possibly on the trail itself. Also, the MEC grant will cover the cost of fuel driving to and from the trailhead.

Posted: 2014-09-25 15:09:12
Last modified: 2014-10-21 23:39:12