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Coliseum Mountain

Coliseum Mountain is located in the Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. The trail should be pretty diverse nature wise as well as regarding trail conditions. At the beginning it should be rather flat and easy and pretty steep later. The trip is ~ 20km return, which will take us ~8h. To find out more, visit [1] (that's the park map)and Lynn Valley Headwaters

Organized by

Kathrin Lang e-mail me if you have questions


free trip, just get yourself to the Northshore by either:

  • public transport (bus number 228 from Lonsdale Quay)
  • or 210 (from downtown Vancouver) stops a block from the gate,
  • or with your/your friends car.

When is it?

The trip is Saturday October 30th

Pre-trip Meeting

There won't be a pre-trip meeting. We meet at the bus stop Lynn Vally/Dempsey Road at 8 am. Please sign up below and also remove yourself if you decide not to join. If you bail Saturday morning send me a text message. My phone number is on the member list. We leave at 8:15 sharp, if you run late either catch up or call/text me to wait.

Equipment needed

  • rain wear <br\>
  • hiking boots and gaiters<br\>
  • non-cotton clothing<br\>
  • at least 2 L of water<br\>
  • lunch + snacks<br\>
  • head lamp!<br\>

for more check Gear list hiking

How tough is it

Well, it's a 8 - 10h, ~ 20 km hike with partly steep terrain that might require some scrambling. So you need to be fit enough for that.


  1. Kathrin
  2. Carolina Bulla
  3. Ricardo Bortolon (have car - room for me+4)
  4. Rishi Sharma
  5. Sherri Tran
  6. Sarah Koch
  7. Gemma Grimes
  8. Yewon Kim
  9. Jeff Chua
  10. Tessa Terbasket (car- 4 seats available)