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November 20-21 Mixed Mode camping at Red Heather

Note that this is an overnight trip, tenting in snow.

If you don't want to spend the night in a tent, or you can't afford two days, see Day trip to Red Heather for those of us who have to study to do a one-day trip to the same place.

Or if you had your heart set on staying at the Elfin Shelter, see November 27th-28th Doris' Intro to Backcountry Skiing at Elfin Lakes

The plan is to drive up Saturday and park. Pay the box at the start of the trail $10 for the privilege of camping. Haul our tents and all our worldly possessions the 5 kms up to Red Heather, put up our tents in the snow, and ski. Sunday, we do a few more ski runs (lots if the weather is good) before heading down.

The following features make this trip not only beginner friendly but also relatively low output.

  1. Reasonably short drive, so easy on the drivers.
  2. Trip in is only 5 kms, and terrain is an old jeep road, so ski out is easy.
  3. Mellow terrain suitable for learning to ski.
  4. Avalanche areas can be avoided easily, so avalanche gear is not required, though if you want to practice with it, this can be arranged.
  5. The warming hut up there provides a back-up in case your 3-season tent blows away or is otherwise unsuitable or isn't warm enough.
  6. Skiing opportunities are available, but if you can't get skis, snowshoes will work. Even just boots might work.
  7. If you have never skied before, this is an ok time to learn. We will not be in a hurry.


  • Don't bring too much stuff; it makes skiing back to the cars more unpleasant than necessary.
  • A warm sleeping bag, preferably - 10. A mat or two. (Mats are very important when camping on snow.)
  • Share a tent with somebody. Three season OK if fly sheet reaches down to the ground).
  • A pot to cook/melt water; two lunches, one breakfast, and share dinner with somebody.
  • The usual warm clothes, not too many, and preferably not cotton
  • Some sort of water-resistant layer, like Goretex, or at least a raincoat.
  • Gloves or mitts
  • Sun goggles and suntan stuff in case it is totally nice and sunny (hope).
  • Skis, boots, poles, skins, or snowshoes, or at least boots and gaiters. If you need VOC gear, try and get it before it is all taken out by others. Unfortunately you can't rent skis from MEC this early in the season.
  • A shovel might be nice if we want to play in the snow.
  • Camera.
  • Probably BC Parks will provide toilet paper and a gas stove, but do you really trust these guys?

Pre-Trip Meeting

How about 6 pm on Wednesday 17 November, in the Clubroom? If you intend to be with us but you can't attend the meeting, contact Roland so we know if you need a ride, want to share a tent, or food, or whatever.

Driving Directions (Katherine's)

The road washed out at the start of the year so there's a Diamond Head Access Detour: Please use route through Quest University to get onto the Mamquam/Ring Creek Road that is used to access the Diamond Head Area of Garibaldi Park, as there is a washout on the lower portion of Mamquam Road. Directions for the detour are as follows:

  • Turn right on Mamquam Road off HW 99 (north bound) as to normally access park,
  • turn left on Highlands Way S,
  • turn right onto The Boulevard and follow this road straight for ~1.5km until you reach a round-about at Quest University,
  • take the first right on the round-about and follow this road to where it meets Mamquam Road,
  • turn left onto Mamquam Road and continue to the Diamond Head Parking Area as per usual directions.
  • note that chains and/or 4wd are sometimes handy to drive the last couple of kms of road, and you can always hike the last bit after parking lower down, thereby avoiding vehicle issues.

Participants -- Drivers (and Passengers)

Phone or otherwise contact a driver to secure a seat in one of these cars, then be reliable and don't bail

  • Roland tent for three, food for three
  1. Anna Deverall (no telemark experience, no camping equipment or car, but a great personality :-))
  2. Bethan McKevitt (x-country skied in Ontario)
  3. Noriko (beginner with a rusty back)
  4. Anna Szeitz - Can't make pre-trip. Own gear, want to make sure I haven't forgotten how to ski.
  • Derry, Leaving from 4th & Macdonald (willing to pick people up as well)
  1. Clemens
  2. Stephanie
  3. Tom
  • Alfred Larsen, leaving from UBC (Stove, tent, very little skiing experience)

- - - - - - - - - - or - - - - - - - - - - - -

  • Julia Macdonald, leaving from 16th & Macdonald or thereabouts (Also, have tent for 2-3 people, some downhill experience)
  1. Ian Johnston (Needs ride, food group, tent space. 1935 Lower Mall)
  2. Cameron Bathgate