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Brew Hut

The Brew Hut is our most accessible Hut, and is especially recommended for those who are new to the Club and the area. With a bit of luck, we will drive about 7 kms of logging road, and then hike about 3 kms of forest plus 2 kms of alpine meadows to get to the Hut. Various weekend activities may include picking blueberries, swimming in Brew Lake, singing songs, getting warm and dry, etc. as well as preparing a winter's supply of firewood by hauling it up 500m from the site of the old hut.


Cheap. You will pay your driver, probably $10, for gas. You need food but that doesn't count because you eat anyways. Our Huts are free to VOC Student and Associate Members, and people doing work up there.

When is it?

The trip is Saturday Sept 11 and Sunday Sept 12. We can have a pre-trip meeting on Wednesday Sept 8 at 7pm in the Clubroom. If you are going on the trip and you have already arranged a ride, you don't have to come to the pre-trip meeting, but let us know, so we don't over-fill the Hut.

Equipment needed

is minimal. You want a sleeping bag, not too warm, and a mat of some sort, and a pack to carry this stuff. You want food, maybe share with somebody, a cooking pot, a spoon, and there is a Coleman stove up there as well as the wood burning heater for warmth. A litre of white gas per carload should keep the Coleman stove and the lamp happy. You probably want your toothbrush, suntan lotion, sunglasses, a hat, a waterproof jacket, a warm sweater, maybe waterproof pants, boots, socks, etc.

How tough is it

Really not very tough. Even if it rains we can do this. The stories about it taking 17 1/2 hours to get to the Hut are mostly true, but that was mid-winter, after a major snowfall with serious trail breaking issues, on skis, and starting from the Highway, so 12 kms instead of 5. It's a good place to get lost so if the weather's crap we can all learn GPS navigation.

Hut Capacity

is 13-15 people. If you are # 16, you should bring a tent

Participants, and comments if you like

Yes, you can sign up now, but please (1) don't sign up unless you are really likely to be going on the trip, not because you are "interested", or waiting for a better trip to go on. (2) If you change your mind, remove your name from the list, so you don't deprive others of a place on the trip.

It is an Emergency Shelter after all, so we should be able to cope, but it looks pretty full. And it will rain.


Because there is a huge bike race going to Whistler on Saturday, the highway is likely to be closed. Your choices are to leave Vancouver really, really early like 4am, or drive up the night before, and Ninja-camp at the trailhead. Indicate your choice.

If you want passengers, put your name here, and where you are driving from. Passengers wanting a ride in your car have to contact you. The road is not real scary, but if you have a 2wd, low clearance vehicle, you should park further down the road and maybe somebody with a 4wd will ferry you and your passengers up the last bit. Expect your passengers to pay you $10 each. If your car is full, this should cover the cost of gas. (It's up to the driver and passengers to negotiate this, but most of us are uncomfortable with negotiating.) You might want to pay the driver of the 4wd, $5 to cover damage to the vehicle.

Passengers, it's your job to contact your driver and arrange place and time for pickup

  • De Wet with Ford Explorer - tent for 3; leaving from Fairview at 6:45 pm Fri.
  1. Carolyn
  2. Adrien Bussy(living on campus, never been there, no tent)
  3. Olek
  4. Conrad Koziol
  • Roland and the Isuzu Trooper. Leaving Gage 7pm (tent for 5-7)
  1. Maki
  2. Manuel
  3. Katherine Valentine
  4. Anton Babadjanov

  • Dave Cox with Toyota 4runner-room for three to four, Leaving super early on saturday morning. [email protected] if you are interested.
  1. Noriko Okamoto
  2. Cameron Bathgate
  3. Sanaz Vafaei
  4. spare
  • Katie and Andrew (Going up Friday evening. Coming down Saturday evening)

These people have not contacted me so I don't know what they are doing;

  • Daniel Kirzner-Priest
  • kali Albert- let me know if you aren't going