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Trip Description

Message Board Post for questions about the trip.

This is a 4-day bike tour. February 14-17

Pre Trip Meeting

Wednesday February 9th, 6:00pm Henry Angus (Commerce) Building: Birmingham Room 195

Those wishing to join after the meeting should contact Sahriar at 778.448.3754

The Route

The plan is to bike from Vancouver to Mt. Vernon, and then heading west to bike down Whidbey Island. We'll then take the ferry to Seattle before taking the bus/train back to Vancouver. We will most likely camp along the way. You should be able to (and want to) ride a bike for the whole day -- we'll do about 70km a day, which probably means about 5 hours a day at a reasonably relaxed speed.


Costs include the gear listed below, as well as food and transportation from Seattle to Vancouver. You should make sure you have medical insurance for the US (though current UBC students with the AMS insurance should be covered for ‘emergencies’).

  • bike - ideally a touring/road/hybrid bike
  • bike rack and panniers HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. If you don't have these, a big backpack will suffice, but it'll be uncomfortable
  • helmet
  • bike specific clothing if you have them
  • front and rear bike lights
  • headlamp
  • raingear
  • spare tube
  • straps and bungee cords to secure stuff onto bike rack
  • documentation to get into the US
  • water bottles
  • eating utensils
  • camera if you want
  • sleeping bag and mat
  • toiletries
  • your own first aid things like medication
  • anything else you want to bring and are willing to carry yourself
  • bike lock
  • bike pump
  • duct tape
  • zip ties

Communal gear

  • repair kits (Chris/Sahriar)
  • tents (Chris)
  • stoves and pots (Chris/Angela)
  • cooking stuff (Sahriar)
  • first aid kit (Billy/Chris/Sahriar)

Tune up/ mechanical work

  • We will be meeting at the Bike Kitchen at 11AM on Saturday for bike tune up.


Max 10 participants. Indicate experience and type of bike

  1. Sahriar Kabir (has toured before and has basic repair skills; touring bike)
  2. Chris Yuen (touring/ long commute by bike; can make adequate repairs with zip ties and duct tape; sort of a road touring bike)
  3. Angela Phung (toured a bit, 1992 hybrid bike, can fix a flat and tinkle with brakes/gears)
  4. Billy Fung (i can ride my bike with no handle bars)
  5. Maite. Sorry guys, I can't go 4 days :( I hope to make it in April or May. Have fun!
  6. Daniella Zandbergen (I have an old Nishiki that I commute on)