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Beginner friendly trip to Hanes Valley

The Plan

To hike up Grouse from the North side via Lynn Valley, Hanes Valley, and Crown Pass. See the message board and Hanes Valley Trail for more information. The beginning and end of this trip are rather tame, but the middle goes through some very rugged and steep terrain.


September 26, 2009. Meet at the Lynn Headwaters Regional Park gate around 8am.


This is a transit accessable trip, with a different starting and end point. If people have cars and want to drive, it is suggested that one car be left at Grouse (for ferrying duties) and the remaining cars be parked outside of the gate at Lynn Headwaters. Also remember to bring $5 for the ride back down from the top of Grouse mountain.

The 210 leaves Burrand Station every half hour in the morning. Depart 6:52am, arrive 7:35am. Depart 7:22am, arrive 8:05am.

The 236 departs Grouse Mountain every 15 minutes in the evening for Lonsdale Quay, then the SeaBus will take you to downtown and the SkyTrain. Depart Grouse: 4:02pm, 4:17pm, 4:32pm, 4:47pm, 5:02pm, 5:17pm, 5:32pm, 5:47pm, 6:02pm, 6:17pm, 6:32pm, 7:02pm, 7:32pm, 8:32pm, 9:32pm


The usual for a day hike. Make sure to bring a headlamp, touque and some extra food.

Sign up

No Write.png Signup Closed
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened on 26-9-2009. Please do not sign up for it.

Sign up for the trip here. No limit on participants.

  1. Rueben Schulz - will be taking transit from North Vancouver
  2. Anna Sobieniak
  3. Tara Muzumdar - looking for a drive
  4. Denise Ramsden- driving from UBC
  5. Matt Zieleman-Driving from Langley
  6. Paul Smith - driving. leaving from 16/Mcdonald area
  7. Hillary Topps
  8. Anette Heggoy
  9. Anton Babadjanov - taking transit from Coquitlam
  10. Andrei - transit from downtown


Sort out rides for yourself here.

Denise's Car

I'm going to be driving from UBC as long as we have another car to do the ferrying. 3 spots available:

  1. Tara's coming with me.
  2. Hillary Topps
  3. open

Matt Zieleman's Car

Leaving from Langley. Maybe I could park at Grouse, somebody could pick me up and take me to Lynn, then when we're done I can drive the drivers back to Lynn?

Paul's Car

I leave from 15th and Mcdonald, but can pick people up.

  1. Anna Sobieniak (I live closer to you then UBC)
  2. Anette Heggoy (live at point grey)
  3. open