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The VOC Advanced Avalanche course (AST-2) for members whom have previously done AST-1 (See Prerequistes below). Spaces are limited, and it fills up quickly, so make sure to sign up early if you want a spot. This course is a heck of a lot cheaper than than taking a course open to the public.

This four-day course is a technical Avalanche Safety program with an in-depth focus on advanced Avalanche skills. Designed around the CAA Avalanche Skills Training - Level 2 Course (AST-2) curriculum, the program emphasizes development of skills and techniques to assist in decision making, route finding, terrain evaluation, snow profile interpretation and rescue techniques.

This course is being done by Canada West Mountain School

It is required that students read the material from CWMS as well as go through the online course before the classroom session. The information from CWMS will be provided later after the numbers have been finalized.


  • Previous avalanche course or equivalent training
  • Intermediate or better skiing/'boarding ability
  • Touring equipment required (or snowshoes for snowboarders)

Participants should be comfortable with avalanche theory and snow science applications, including basic snow testing practices, digging snow-pits and performing transceiver searches.


Field Course

Feb 16-17 and Feb 23-24. All equipment and lunch required for every day.

  1. Feb 16 Mt Seymour Meet at 8:30am at the Park Gate Rec Centre, found at 3625 Banff Court (see google maps). 3-4 hours of theory and then go to Seymour. Print and take two forms with you, as well as $82 cash if you need the whistler b/c passes
  2. Feb 17 Whistler/Blackcomb
  3. Feb 23 Duffy lake Road
  4. Feb 24 Whistler/Blackcomb 1 hour wrap up after at Whistler


$300 + Tax, instructional only (p.p. for 8p. group) = $315

Avi gear can be supplied by CWMS if you do not have it.

Does not included the following:

  • Notebooks
  • Snowsaw
  • 2 Whistler backcountry passes ($82 value total)
  • A snow science kit (thermometer, crystal screen and magnifying loupe), not required but recommended

All other costs including but not limited to food, ski, snowshoe rental, travel expenses will be your own responsibility. Car pooling will be organised later.

Edge Card vs. Backcountry Pass

An edge card does not get you a discount on the backcountry pass. If you already have days loaded onto your edge card, you have to decide if you're likely to use them all this season. If you're going to use them all anyway, it makes sense to buy the backcountry ticket, if not it makes sense to use one or two of your edge card days.


The first day of the course is split between classroom theory and a field session on Mt Seymour.

The following 3 days are spent at a variety of field locations based out of Whistler, BC in order to experience different terrain and snowpack conditions. Typically you will spend the 2nd day in the backcountry behind Whistler Mountain, which provides great access to a higher elevation snowpack. The 3rd day will be spent touring into a local Alpine region near Pemberton, about 1 hour past Whistler, in order to experience a different geographical region and snowpack, with the final day utilizing the lifts to access the backcountry behind Blackcomb mountain.

This format allows participants to train in a variety of snow conditions, elevations and different terrain.

Sign up

Signing up here does not guarantee you a spot. YOU MUST PAY $315 at the club room and sign up. Any exec can sign you up in the club room. The best times to go are gear hours or between 12pm and 1pm.

Group 1

(MAX 8 people)

  1. Krystil Koethler (need Whistler backcountry passes)
  2. Ben Singleton-Polster (willing to pay more; need Whistler backcountry passes)
  3. Evan Morris (need Whistler backcountry passes)
  4. Bram v.Str. (willing to pay a bit more; need Whistler backcountry passes))
  5. Lara Thompson (need Whistler backcountry passes)
  6. Thomas Brunner (need Whistler backcountry passes)
  7. Scott Nelson (willing to pay more; need Whistler backcountry passes)
  8. Sandra Nicol (need whistler backcountry passes)

Group 2

(MAX 8 people)

  1. Scott Webster (need the whistler passes)
  2. Edward Estabrook (need the whistler passes)
  3. Christian Champagne (need the Whistler passes)
  4. Bruno Godin
  5. Jon Major
  6. Jennifer Pielak
  7. CWMS Dude
  8. Hereward Longley

List of people who have not paid but want to come

Also, post dates you're available to participate

  1. Margaret Rush (Most likely interested; Richard's dates sound good, weekends between Feb 23rd to March 15th work)
  2. Craig Alfredson (March is good...)
  3. Pawel Mirski (ditto)


Please sign up with someone who lives close to you

Madeline the silver pathfinder (live at 17th and Oak)

  1. Sandra Nicol
  2. Scott Nelson
  3. Krystil
  4. Ben SP
  5. Scott Webster (if I can get away without driving)

The Trusty Justy/Thomas's Red Baron (lives near 13th and blanca/8th and trafalgar/dunbar and 22nd)

  1. Bram
  2. Lara
  3. Thomas
  4. Evan (will drive to your place; could drive on the first weekend too)
  5. Champagne

Ed Estabrook, Group 2, room for 3-4 others (Davie and Thurlow)

  1. Hereward ubc… but i will be at commercial and broadway on saturday morning.... its on the way to seymour (604)318 3039
  2. -
  3. -
  4. -

People without rides