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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


Typically, the AST-1 course occurs in late January but it seems people are keen in taking the course earlier this year. Spaces are limited, and it fills up quickly, so make sure to sign up early if you want a spot. This course is a heck of a lot cheaper than than taking a course open to the public.

It is a good idea for anyone who is interested in travelling in the back country to take an avalanche course. Avalanche course students learn about some snow science basics, terrain, route finding, snow stability testing and rescue.

This years course is being done by Canada West Mountain School

The course will be exactly the same as this one

It is required that students read the material from CWMS as well as go through the online course before the classroom session.

Dates and Locations

Classroom Session

Date: Tuesday, December 9th, 2008
Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: Canada West Mountain School, 47 E. Broadway St., Vancouver

Field Course

  • December 13th @ Mt. Seymour (conditions permitting, otherwise Whistler)
  • December 14th @ Whistler

All Day - arrange your own rides.


$210 including:

  • 2 days of instruction
  • 1 classroom session
  • All course materials (paper handouts and books)
  • Avalanche Equipment (Probe, shovel, transceiver)
  • Whistler back country pass for Sunday ($40 value)

(Cost is $168 if you already have a whistler pass)
All other costs including but not limited to food, ski, snowshoe rental, travel expenses will be your own responsibility. Car pooling will be organised later.

Interested participants

Signing up here does not guarantee you a spot. YOU MUST PAY at the club room and sign up. $210 for ppl without lift tickets, $168 for those who are pass holders. Any exec can sign you up in the club room. The best times to go are gear hours or between 12pm and 1pm. Please e-mail Madeleine when you have paid or to make arrangements to do so. You must be confirmed before Friday, Nov 21st so that I can give your name and contact info to Canada West and pick up your booklets etc.

Confirmed and Paid for Dec 13-14 Lesson

  1. Greta Raymant
  2. Phil Tomlinson
  3. Ran Zhang (Carless)
  4. Steve Gillanders
  5. Laura Catton
  6. Jeremy Sklad
  7. David Roscoe
  8. Tony Higginson

Interested for Dec 13-14

  1. Murray F.
  2. Toni M.
  3. Felix H.
  4. Mike H

Interested for later/next year

  1. Daniel Ehing( can't do 13/14th, Snowboarder so a Snowshoe group would be great)
  2. Paul Lanfranchi
  3. Reilly Wood (will hopefully get enough skiing practice over winter break)
  4. Silja Hund (prefers snowboarder group, skiing would be fine though)
  5. Kaan E. (prefers a snowshoe group OR needs to get skiing practice)
  6. Dan Cooper (snowboarder)
  7. Emily Ackroyd
  8. Michael Duncan (don't have any money right now)


People With Cars

Steve Gillanders (I only have room for two riders as I don't have a roof rack for skis)

  1. Greta Raymant (7th and alma)
  2. Phil Tomlinson (UBC Campus)

Tony (Laura and Ran shotgunned places earlier, could take 2 more at a push)

  1. Ran
  2. Laura

Rides Needed