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Jeff (Who lacks the skill to express this in any tense other than first person): Having taught a fairly large (>10) number of people to lead one-on-one, and having failed to teach people much of anything when attempting to instruct a larger group, I'm becoming quite convinced that the only good instructor:student ratio for rock climbing is 1:1. Unfortunately, we need to resort to a 1:2 ratio due to more students than instructors, but this should still be workable.

On May 26, 2007, a number of instructor/student pairs will head up to Squamish and give/receive the intro to climbing. It will be radical.

To be an instructor, you need to have some idea what you're doing, and you'll need appropriate gear for whatever you think you're going to teach. You certainly don't need to be a particularly good climber or a real expert. You do need to know enough to keep you and someone totally new safe, though.

To be a student, you ideally have no outdoor rock experience. No indoor is fine too. A bit of outdoor is acceptable, but if there are more students than instructors, priority will go to people with no experience, as they need this more.

Transport: We have a couple of vans and another car, which all told will cover everyone.

I've lined up a groups of two students and one instructor. Students and instructors should contact each other to make sure that they are actually going and not flaking out, that they have enough gear, or failing that it gets sorted out what needs to be borrowed from the club room, etc. Some students seem not to appear on the member list. If anyone knows how to contact these mystery people, they should post contact info on the message board. Contact info, especially email addresses shouldn't end up on the wiki because they will be captured by spambots.

Ideally each group should be in the same vehicle, to ease logistics. If it isn't set up this way, trading group members or passengers is advised.

Gear Hours Friday 12:30-1:30 in the VOC club room. If you intend to borrow gear you need to show up during gear hours.

Instructor-Student-Student triples

  • Jeff Mottershead
  1. Joanna Kolakowska (no outdoor, very little indoor a long time ago)
  • Matthew Carroll
  1. Mark Chui
  • Natasha Berntsen
  1. Rom Rono (have done indoor for a couple months, but totally inexperienced for outdoors cept a bit of boulderin)
  2. Grant McGregor (enthusiastic beginner, have car for four people including me)
  • Andrew McGechaen / Bob Lai
  1. Simon Cheng (beginner. no outdoor experience. i boulder @ cliffhanger and climb when i can find partner)
  2. Andrea Scott, (beginner, I've only gone indoors twice, but I loved it!)
  • Tiffany Shen
  1. Olivia Freeman (fresh beginner very limited indoor experience and no outdoor)
  2. Eva Lillquist (have done some outdoor and indoor, but that was ages ago)
  • Jill Nemeth
  1. Kaitlin Vandenbosch (only outdoor was fall longhike and done some indoor)
  2. Nick Rawluk (only really indoor a couple of times a while ago)
  • Andre Malan
  1. Tracy Wilkinson (outdoor once and indoor a couple times awhile ago, might be able to drive)
  2. Rebecca Gu
  • Nassir Zulkafly
  1. Jocelyn Ling
  2. Sonja Babovich
  • Iva Cheung
  1. Ruben Tauste Caro (No gear at all, not even climshoes, but i'll do it at my best Iva!)
  2. Jobb Arnold
  • Dorota Paleczek
  1. Bryce Lencoe

Drivers and Passengers

  • Jill Nemeth: Leaving from Tsawwassen, Broadway and Granville, next to the Royal Bank, 8am.
  1. Andrea Scott
  2. Andrew McGechan
  3. Nick Rawluk
  4. Bob Lai (Tsawwassen my house, or Ladner Loop)
  • Jeff Mottershead: Leaving from Budget (Downtown) at 7:15. Will collect people at University Boulevard and Wesbrook Mall at 7:45 as well as Broadway and Granville at 8:00. Since there are a lot of people in the van, it would be lame to hold them all up for one late person. Thus you need to be on time or you're ditched.
    You've been warned.
    Please let Jeff know where you intend to get collected.
  1. Iva Cheung
  2. Kaitlin Vandenbosch (wesbrook/university)
  3. Andre Malan (wesbrook/university)
  4. Rebecca Gu (wesbrook/university)
  5. Nassir Zulkafly (wesbrook/university)
  6. Sonja Babovich (wesbrook/university)
  7. Jocelyn Ling (wesbrook/university)
  8. Grant McGregor (Wesbrook/University)
  9. Simon Cheng (Broadway and Granville)
  10. Natasha Berntsen (Broadway and Granville)
  11. Rom Rono (Broadway and Granville)
  12. Dorota Paleczek (Broadway and Granville)
  13. Joanna Kolakowska
  14. Sanaz F
  • Matthew Carroll: leaving from 19th + Dunbar at 7.30(ish) depending on where you live - please let me know so I can work out a route / times
  1. Rubén
  2. Mark Chui
  3. Olivia Freeman
  4. Jobb Arnold
  5. Bryce Lencoe

  • Tracy Wilkinson: Leaving from East Vancouver, or from UBC if I end up driving people from there. Can pick people up.
  1. seat 1
  2. seat 2
  3. seat 3