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This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.

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This trip has changed. Ignore this page. See the new page at Beginner Friendly Brew AND Sphinx Hut Trip


This is a beginner friendly skiing trip to the Brew Hut. It would be useful if you vaguely knew how to ski and/or had some winter camping experience, but if not there might be a little bit of type 2 fun to be had.

Past trips of this style have taken anywhere from 4 to 17.5 hours to reach the hut (in the good old days before GPSs sometimes they didn't find the hut at all). Days are short and the snow is fluffy - so put your headlamp at the top of your pack.

If you have any questions about this trip, send me (Katherine Valentine) an email on [email protected]


The trip meeting is Wednesday January 19th, 6:00pm, in the clubroom

The trip is January 22nd - 23rd, 2011

All drivers should have all passengers installed and be driving over the Lions Gate Bridge at 6:00am. It is the passengers responsibility to contact the drivers. We will meet at Tim Hortons at 7:00am.

Equipment List

See Gear_lists#ski_hut_trip. You need this stuff to survive, really.

Note that you can borrow equipment from the club for free. Gear_rental does require a cash deposit, however.

Please consult the above links for all information regarding proper skiing clothing and gear. In winter especially, none of your clothing should be made out of cotton. Anything wool or synthetic is probably safe. Just remember, Cotton Kills.

Stuff you need from the club probably includes:

  • Skis (bindings are adjustable, ask when you pick them up, make sure they fit your boots)
  • Skins (ask the QM - they let your skis go uphill, quite necessary for this trip. Make sure they fit your skis)
  • Boots (make sure they fit your feet, and your skis)
  • Poles
  • Shovel
  • Probe
  • Avalanche beacon

Sign Up

No Write.png Signup Closed
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened on 22-1-2011. Please do not sign up for it.

The hut is can sleep about 15, so lets try and limit it to that number, but we can always fit more in.

Signup for people who think they know what they are doing

Email Katherine before adding your name to this list

  1. Katherine V
  2. Tim B
  3. Natalie (same as Ben)
  4. Jeff F (Same as Nat)
  5. Matt Parisien (might tent)
  6. Piotr (can drive, can tent, talked to Tim, keen to see Nat and Jeff on a trip)
  7. Liam Harrap (might tent, have car)
  8. Chris P (same as Jeff/Nat/Ben)
  9. Jason B (same as Chris P)
  10. Matt O


Please indicate skill level - both skiing and avalanche, and also if you have a car

  1. Mirella (beginner)
  2. Jane (beginner)
  3. Dan (beginner)
  4. Mitch
  5. Jeff
  6. Robyn (beginner)
  7. Kathrin (beginner/some experience, will have AST1 by then, no car)
  8. Kurt
  9. Meg
  10. Matt
  11. Alexane (beginner/some experience, no car)
  12. Spencer (decent at not falling, no avi)
  13. Angela (beginner, no avi, yes car but its complicated)
  14. Martin
  15. Marcin
  16. Liz (beginner, but have AST1)
  17. Sandra (Mostly Beginner)
  18. Jake (Good skier and Avi training)
  19. Ken (Good skier(downhill), have AST1, new to backcountry)
  20. Charlie (all round noob)
  21. Tanya (Good skier(downhill), have AST1, new to backcountry
  22. Jack Montpellier (hiking/snowshoeing/winter camping experience, beginner for skis, no avalanche)
  23. Michael U (beginner, no avi, no car)
  24. Adrien B (good alpine skier, little experience in telemark, no avalanche experience, no car)
  25. Beth C (begginer)