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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.

The Plan

The plan is to summit Brandywine Mountain (2213m). I've heard it's a fantastic scramble, with an elevation gain of 1268m, and roughly 7 hours round trip, depending on party speed. The scrambling has limited exposure, so beginners are most welcome and encouraged! There will be lovely views of glaciers and the surrounding peaks, provided we get good weather.

Email any questions to Caroline, or post them on the message board.

Bits of info

Reasonable fitness and keen-ness are desirable traits. In italics means it's shared. What you'll need:


  • water bottle (at least 2L, unless you know yourself)
  • headlamp and batteries
  • sunscreen
  • sun glasses and/or goggles
  • map
  • compass
  • backpack
  • pocket knife
  • whistle
  • lighter and/or waterproof matches
  • first aid kit


  • warm jacket (fleece or down)
  • long underwear (top and bottom)
  • toque / hat
  • mitts / gloves
  • weatherproof jacket (goretex or coated nylon or softshell if weather is forecast to be sunny)
  • weatherproof pants (goretex or coated nylon or softshell if weather is forecast to be sunny)
  • gaiters
  • warm pants (fleece or down)
  • Sturdy mountaineering boots. You can borrow these from the club.
  • A climbing helmet. You can borrow from club
  • An ice ax: you can also borrow from the club!
  • Trekking poles. They're not mandatory, but extremely nice. I'm bringing them...


  • Lunch and snacks x1{{#ifexpr:1>1|
  • Breakfast x0
  • Dinner x0

A topo map of the area is available from The Atlas of Canada, map 92J/3.

Getting theree

The road is 2WD accessible.

Driving Directions. Have confirmed that this is the right way!

  • From the south, drive Hwy 99 to Brandywine Fall Provincial Park and continue past. Approximately 2.7km past Brandywine Falls Provincial Park is an exit for Callahan Valley Road and Whistler Olympic Park. Take this exit and reset your odometer.
  • 800m turn left on Brandywine Mountain Forest Service Road.
  • Continue to 1.4km where there is a hut / parking gate on the left side. The road forks at this point. Stay to the left just past this parking gate as the road opens up to a large open gravel parking lot. Drive through this gravel area to the far side.
  • 2.1km there will be a snowmobile club on the left hand side, continue driving along the road.
  • 2.3km the road narrows from 2 lanes to 1.
  • 3.2km the road opens up a bit with deactivated roads on either side of the main road, continue along BMFSR.
  • 4.8km there is a fork in the road, stay right.
  • Just before a fork at 6.4km there is a sign on the left hand side indicating you are leaving the Whistler Community Area. Stay left at the fork. (The right hand option is marked as BR 2100.)
  • 6.5km there is another fork, stay right.
  • 7.2km you will pass a chain link gate on the right with a "6.0km" marker on it. Continue past this gate and drive up a steep hill.
  • 8.5km you arrive at the Brandywine Mountain Trail Head.