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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.


Veenstra and Meghan are organizing a beginner trip to Brew Hut. People interested in participating should have some winter camping skills, have carried an over night pack and have been on backcountry skis before or be very keen/tough/willing to suffer a bit. The last point is key - if you don't mind suffering and are in reasonable shape, Veenstra will make sure you make it to the hut.

Veenstra would like to point out that his beginner epic to the Brew hut last season only took 9 hours, and found the hut no problem... not that another 17.5 hour trip is impossible. Last year 3 people's skis exploded and there was a fair amount of general suffering, with the back end of the party arriving well after dark. Days are short and the snow is fluffy - put your headlamp at the top of your pack.


The trip meeting is Wednesday November 21st, 5:30pm, in the clubroom

The trip is November 24th - 25th, 2007

Equipment List

or see template:gear list:backcountry skiing hut trip

Please consult the above links for all information regarding proper skiing clothing and gear. In winter especially, none of your clothing should be made out of cotton. Anything synthetic is safe. Just remember, Cotton Kills.

Sign Up

About the numbers...

At 17 (includes Veenstra who won't be staying in the hut), the hut is more than full already. Nominal capacity is 12, and the most it's ever held was 16 (it was crowded). Likely not everybody will be able to be downstairs eating/socializing at the same time with this number, and certainly people will need to sleep downstairs and heavy spooning is in order.

If you would still like to come, you are welcome to bring a tent - but it must be a 4-season mountaineering tent. The hut is on a very windy col, and a 3 season tent will likely not survive. You are also not encouraged to plan on a snowcave without bringing a tent backup. The snow close to the hut is usually poor for snowcaving (if there is enough) and we will likely arrive well after dark (at winter longhike the days are substantially longer, and most beginners take the better part of a day to build theirs).

If you are planning on staying in a tent please keep in mind that the hut is already full. This means that you should be prepared to give priority to those on the list. In addition to sleeping space this includes hut space for cooking, eating, storing gear, drying your gloves, etc.

Sorry, but the hut is going to be really, really, full.

Signup for hut space

This trip is now full!

  1. Veenstra (*1:leading trip up, will be around for singing, but not staying the night)
  2. Piotr F.
  3. Madeleine (*1:)
  4. Champagne (Shotgun bench beside stove)
  5. Matthew (Someone has to take responsibility for finding the hut)
  6. April
  7. Matt Parisien
  8. Emma Vardy-Bragg
  9. Christian S.
  10. Jake Alleyne
  11. Roland (Shotgun W end of bench downstairs)
  12. Em Beach
  13. Evan (won't drink pee, but willing to tent/cave if hut gets full; have car)
  14. Bob
  15. Ran (anywhere against wall, happier with altitude)
  16. Chris P.
  17. Line (*1:)

This trip is now full!


Please indicate here if you have a car, where you are leaving from and how many people you can transport.

Veenstra [leaving Saturday night]

  1. - Line
  2. - Madeline

Roland Driving up Friday afternoon and tenting.

  1. Emma V-B
  2. Champagne
  3. April
  4. Chris P.

Evan Saturday morning, prefer to pick up East Van people, 3 spots

  1. Matt P.
  2. Piotr F. (just the ride down?)
  3. Jake Alleyne

Bob Driving up Sat morning, 5 spots, pick up by UBC/Kits area

  1. Christian S.
  2. Matthew C (13th & Macdonald)
  3. Emily Beach (Downtown... if I'm on your route...)
  4. Ran (70 & Oak, harmonica, titanium drummable pot )

Carless People

For people that don't have a car

  • Name, leaving location