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There was one final workhike to put the finishing touches on the new Brew Hut: add a porch, reinstall trim boards, reconfigure the loft ladder. This trip was on the October 29-30 weekend. Participants were:Scott Nelson, Sandra Nicol, Steffen Gerlach, Rueben Schulz, Kasia Celler, Alix Gauthier, Sebastian Oppel

Trip Report

Snow started at the top of the rockslide, and there was 30cm at Brew Lake on Saturday. Slogging through the white stuff slowed everyone down a bit, so we didn't make it to the hut until around 12:30pm in a total whiteout. We got the fire going, which warmed up the inside of the hut to about +20 degrees in only a couple hours. Despite the balmy temperatures inside, almost no snow was melting off the exterior because of the excellent insulation.

Saturday afternoon we reinstalled trim boards, shortened the table, built a bookshelf, built stone foundations for the porch and built the frame for the porch. Tools were put to new uses as we were doing the construction work in a cold, windy, snowy environment. For exmaple, a carpenter's square make a great scraper for removing ice from wood.

Saturday evening we made the old brew hut ladder narrower and installed it, installed the trim around the stove pad and put up the rest of the coat hooks. It got unreasonably warm inside the hut, so we let the fire go out just after dinner.

Sunday we finished the porch, built steps, built another bookshelf and installed a vent between upstairs and downstairs. Also, we slapped some junk plywood onto the old bench from the original brew hut to create Nanobrew - a test structure to test how snow drifts at a proposed outhouse location. Nanobrew is about 1m tall, and hopefully it will stick up out of the snow thoughout the winter. We left the hut at 1pm (non-daylight savings time) to hike back to the car, which took 3 hours because of slippery conditions on the trail, as the snowline was a bit lower than on the way up. 40cm of snow at brew lake on the way out - ski season is coming soon.

Everyone put in a great effort and we accomplished a lot, despite having to work in a windy snowstorm for almost the entire weekend.