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These are the rough steps needed to layout and build foundations:

  • Find a level spot and pick the high corner
  • Put in string lines
    • Put in first string line (offset from the corner)
    • Put in a second string line 90 degrees to the first (use the properties of a 3,4,5 triangle to square it)
    • add a "batter" board to the building ends (to tie more stings to)
    • measure out distances along lines and mark them with tape to find locations of footings
    • put flagging tape on strings so they are not stepped on
  • Spray paint the location of the footings
  • Dig 6 holes
    • Jack hammer a level bottom for the holes if necessary.
    • Drill some holes in the rock for rebar
  • Put in the footing forms, level them with pegs if needed
  • Put in the pier forms (cardboard tubes)
    • Attach pegs to the footing forms and mark level on them
    • Cut pier forms to length
    • Rest pier forms on 2*4's and brace them
  • add rebar and other rods
  • mix and pour some cement
    • vibrate and finish
  • place saddles into the piers
    • snap a string line in the cement to ensure the piers are straight

Tools needed

Add these to the Tools list (some are already listed on the Foundation page).

  • String lines (lots)
  • chalk line
  • Pegs (salvaged wood from old hut?)
  • plumb bob
  • hand level
  • spray paint
  • penciles
  • masking tape
  • tape measure
  • Water level (transparent pipe filled with water, 30 ft long)