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Claimed and finished by Bill Schulz

My Dad is a keen guy and built us an out house. No, he will not dig the hole for it.

It is currently 4 * 4 feet wide and 8.5 feet high. It is built from 3/4 inch plywood with 2, 2*4 (giving 4*4) posts in each corner. The posts extend out the bottom and can be ancored into concrete. The door is attached with good, old-fashoned hinges made from car tires and is pointed in the middle (7 feet in the middle). The roof is peaked (90 degree angle at ridge) and will be covered with tin. The colour is brown.

Inside, the "hole" is placed off centre, leaving a space to place useful items like coats, magazines...

For the foundation, the plan is to dig four holes for the post and anchor them with 2-3 bags of cement per post. nail the corner posts to 2x4's (or landscape ties, old plywood peelers) running parallel to the ground, and pile rocks on these 2x4's. Add clothesline guy wires if needed. This will allow the structure to be moved when the hole fills up.

The weight of the out house will be about 500 lb. (4* 75lb/ sheet plywood walls + other stuff). For the cement, it will require 8 to 12 bags * 55lb = 440 to 660lb.

Still to do

  • Could cut some plywood off the bottom to shorten it (and allow the posts to be placed lower into the ground).
  • Roland has a nice stained glass window that could be installed. The dimentions are 17 1/4 x 17 1/4 inches.
  • Change the base for the new foundation idea.


front of the outhouse

Front of the outhouse.

side of the outhouse (without tin roof)

Side of the outhouse.