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An intermediate ski trip to the Brian_Waddington_Hut for 4 days in between exams. The first day would be used to drive there (~4-4.5 hours?) and ski in (4-6 hours), making it a long day. Then we would have 2 days of yo-yo-ing, peak-bagging, or relaxing. Then ski out on the 4th day. Everyone is welcome on this trip, but it is branded as intermediate because you should have "some" backcountry experience, but not necessarily know how to ski. Having done an RAC is good.

Disclaimer: I have not been to the hut before. Read the access notes on the hut page.


Ideally all the trip planning will be done through this wiki page. Depending on how many people come a small trip meeting might be in order.

Driving Notes

It is a long drive over non-major roads. We will most likely be driving in snow. It is recommended to have chains (I have an extra set) and/or good winter tires.


  • The 'normal' winter ski gear
  • Avy transceiver, shovel and probe are mandatory
  • Fun stuff, cards, music makers, etc.
  • Alcohol
  • Possibly a heavy metal cashbox


(As this is in the middle of exams some dates might not work for some people. Other possible dates are the 10-13 or 12-15. If you prefer another date put that beside your name)

Need a Ride

  1. Lisa Blachut (prefer 11-13, or early ie. back before 4pm on the 14th)
  2. Andrew Campbell (can only go from the 11-14)
  3. Åse Thorrud (11-13 or 14 sounds good to me)
  4. Ben Webber (can do any)
  5. Alex Ross


  • Car Name [Location leaving from] (date preferred)
  1. Driver's Name
  2. Passengers