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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.

Location Vote

Everyone is concerned about avalanche and snow condititions, and rightly so. Many people in the group have decided to change locations or are now considering it. Others prefer to stay at the Phelix Cr hut and manage the risk accordingly. But the bottom line is no matter where people go there will be risks. Put your name below under the location you prefer to go to. This is not meant to be a vote but more of a decision and to see where people are headed. A group split is pretty much certain, but definitely not a bad thing under such conditions.

Staying with Phelix Creek

Black Tusk/Taylor Meadows

  1. Matt Osler
  2. Evan Morris
  3. Greta Raymant
  4. Bob Lai
  5. Merick Moritz
  6. Laura Morrison
  7. Michael Spagnut
  8. Pascal Ziltener
  9. Richard So
  10. Matthew Carroll
  11. Krystil
  12. Scott Nelson
  13. Sandra
  14. Ran Z
  15. Laura C & two 'friends'...

Singing Pass/Himmelsbach Hut(likely full)

Brew Hut A party of four is planning to be at Brew over New Years. See the Hut Registration Page for details. More are welcome.


Yes it may be a bit early, but this page has been created waaaay in advance to gauge interest and also give people ideas on what to do this New Years!

Slowly become an annual tradition, many VOCers come over to the Brian Waddington Hut to celebrate the New Year and shred the local gnar. It is one of the most beautiful VOC huts, and can hold the most amount of people, making for a pretty awesome New Years party. The hut can confortably fit 24, and more if needed. You can stay as little or as long as you want, everyone is welcome to come and go as they please but shouldn't be too crowded at any point. Please note that this is not a guided/instructional trip, but more of a gathering of like minded powder hounds. But most likely some one will show you the way in if you've never been there before.

The terrain isn't exactly friendly for people who have never skied before, but you don't need to be an expert to come. Having done a CAC (Canadian Avalanche Centre) AST (Avalanche Skills Training) course (formerly known as an RAC) is good. Most of the slopes surrounding the hut are generally labelled "intermediate" or "advanced", but there are some very short beginner level runs behind the hut.

Also, make sure you have adequate alcohol to last until New Year since people have been known to run out early :(


December 29th(?), 2008 - January 2nd, 2009(?), (Tentative)

Equipment List

Please consult the above link for all information regarding proper skiing clothing and gear. The hut is not heated so can be a little chilly when <10 bodies are there, so bring a fairly warm sleeping bag. Hut booties are pretty much a must.

Sign Up

Note: Dates can vary

Please only sign up for the nights you will stay in the hut. i.e., if you are skiing out on January 2nd, sign up for January 1st as your last Day. Also indicate beside your name the days you are arriving and leaving. This will help people find cars and also fill their cars more efficiently. (Letter) refers to car.

Tuesday, December 30th

  1. Evan Morris <-arriving (A)
  2. Greta Raymant <-arriving (A)
  3. Ran Z <-arriving (A)
  4. Laura Morrison <-arriving (A)
  5. Matt Osler <-arriving (B)
  6. Bob Lai <-arriving (A)
  7. Laura C (arriving) & possibly Cashew and Mannie *both of the canine variety* if okay with group (C)
  8. Breanne Johnson (still coming?)
  9. Charles He <- arriving if rides work out?
  10. Pascal Ziltener (Arriving) (C)
  11. Merick Moritz <-arriving(B)
  12. Michael Spagnut <-arriving (B)

Wednesday, December 31st

  1. Evan Morris
  2. Greta Raymant
  3. Ran Z
  4. Laura Morrison
  5. Caleb Scott
  6. Matt Osler
  7. Alexandra Kushnir
  8. Bob Lai
  9. Laura C + 2 dogs (if okay?)
  10. Breanne Johnson
  11. Rozzy P
  12. Colin V
  13. Charles He ?
  14. Pascal Ziltener (leaving 31st or 1st)
  15. Michael Spagnut

Thursday, January 1st

  1. Evan Morris
  2. Greta Raymant
  3. Ran Z
  4. Colin V
  5. Rozzy P
  6. Laura Morrison
  7. Caleb Scott
  8. Matt Osler
  9. Alexandra Kushnir ?
  10. Bob Lai
  11. Laura C + 2 dogs (if okay?)
  12. Breanne Johnson ?
  13. Merick Moritz

Friday, January 2nd

  1. Evan Morris <- skiing/driving home Sat Jan 3
  2. Greta Raymant
  3. Ran Z (leaving time depending on driver)
  4. Colin V
  5. Rozzy P
  6. Laura Morrison
  7. Caleb Scott
  8. Matt Osler <-Leaving
  9. Alexandra Kushnir ?
  10. Michael Spagnut <-- Leaving
  11. Merick Moritz <- Leaving

Saturday, January 3rd

Interested, not sure of coming/going dates

  1. Ignacio


Drivers Please indicate here where you are leaving from, and when, and how many people you can transport.

Passengers It is up to you to contact your driver asap and tell him/her that you want a ride. At that time you can discuss departure time and place, sharing of food, tents, etc. Once you have done this, you should take your name off the "carless people" list.

Driver's Name [dates you will be up there, location leaving from, # of people]

Evan Morris [leaving Dec 30am, returning Jan 3 pm, 7th and Alma, 4 passengers]

  1. Greta
  2. Ran Z
  3. Bob L
  4. Laura M

Matt Osler [cheap gas + snow tires + chains + roof rack, leaving Van Dec 30 early am, returning Jan 3 late afternoon, 3 passengers, headed to Taylor Meadows. We are doing shared dinners, food has been picked up]

  1. Merick Moritz
  2. Michael Spagnut 604-321-2296
  3. dinners and ride available

Colin Vincent [leaving Dec 31 middayish, returning Jan 2 pm, 10th and Columbia, 4 passengers]

  1. Rozzy P
  2. Alex K
  3. Caleb S
  4. Kristin W

Pascal Ziltener [leaving Van city Dec. 30th am, returning Jan. 2nd, 604-224-0230]

  1. Laura C and two dogs

Carless People

For people that don't have a car

  • Name, leaving location, dates you would like to attend
  1. Charles He, downtowen, I want to arrive on the 30th, staying for more than one day hopefully
  2. Kristin W, Arbutus and 2nd, Dec 31 until anytime before the 4th